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In online classes, the behavior of the students also makes the teacher stroke his chest while holding back laughter.

Dreams – The online school days will be a special memory for students who are going through the Covid-19 pandemic period. Although there are still some who continue to undergo distance learning (PJJ), several schools in the areas with PPKM level 1-3 status have started to conduct limited Face-to-face Learning (PTM).

During the PJJ process, students and educators use assistance facilities in the form of computers or smartphones with internet facilities. The government also allocates internet quota assistance so that students from elementary to college level can follow the PJJ process smoothly.

However, the dynamics of the online learning process are very different from face-to-face schools. In the online class, the behavior of the students makes the teacher stroke his chest and hold back laughter.

The behavior of students during online school is much more absurd than when learning face to face. The following number of chats via online applications are proof of that. Curious as to what their absurd behavior? Read more below compiled Dream from various sources.

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HP Hot Like an Iron

Prolonged online learning causes hardware such as laptops and smartphones to heat up. This is also often felt by students when doing online school. Followed from Instagram @twitrecehid, one of these students was allowed to turn off the camera during an online class because his cellphone was too hot like an iron.

Illustration© Instagram/@twitrecehid

“My cell phone’s off camp zin feet are hot like an iron,” wrote one student.

The funny thing is, the teacher replied to his student’s request for permission with words that were no less absurd. As a result, there was a chat between students and teachers which was both absurd.

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Cat photos

In order to feel the sensation of teaching and learning, the on camera feature is a must for some people. One of them is during the general stadium at one of the following universities.

But strangely, it’s not the face of a person that appears, but an orange cat that stands by in front of the camera following the general stadium. Wow, even cats are thirsty for education!

Illustration© Instagram/@twitrecehid

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Closet Collapse

This netizen said goodbye to turning off his camera because his closet next to him collapsed. Yes, maybe his closet is too old!

Illustration© Instagram/@twitrecehid

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I am ugly!

Connection issues are a very disturbing problem for the online learning process. Because the signal is bad, this one student is allowed to turn off the camera. But because maybe not too focused, this student finally wrote words that made netizens laugh.

“Offcam permission sir, I’m ugly,” he wrote.

Illustration© Instagram/@twitrecehid

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Got Lontong Sauce

Due to online learning, students often do other things besides studying. One of them is eating.

Now, because he was too focused on paying attention to the lesson, he didn’t realize that this student’s hair had even entered the lontong sauce. Isn’t it very absurd?

Illustration© Instagram/@twitrecehid

“Wait a minute, Mom, I want to wash my hair, I get rice cake sauce, I’m still looking down, I don’t realize, Mom,” he wrote in the chat column.

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Grandpa’s Incident

Illustration© Instagram/@twitrecehid

This student is very considerate of his family members. In fact, he was willing to leave the online class because his grandfather experienced something unwanted.

“Puunten, ma’am, let me give you a minute, my grandfather got a cricket in his ear,” he wrote.

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Neighbors Disaster

Illustration© Instagram/@twitrecehid

In this case, the student has high social sensitivity. Because his neighbor was in trouble, he immediately rushed to help him.

“Sorry, Zin left foot for a moment, my neighbor fell on a tree,” he said.

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Ball In Meatball

No less absurd, this student was allowed to off camera because the ball went into his sister’s meatball. What do you mean deck~

Illustration© Instagram/@twitrecehid

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Lecturer gossip

Whether these students don’t know or what, but sometimes they gossip about their lecturers via chat zoom. That’s not called gossip, but talk about it openly.

Illustration© Instagram/@drama.kampus

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Wrong Entering Campus

Wrong entry to class is common when face-to-face learning. But apparently also happened during online lectures. Worse yet, students not only enter the wrong class, but enter the wrong campus. Gosh!!!

Illustration© Instagram/@curhatanmahasiswa.id

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