15 Years Considering Wife a Burden And Prioritizing Friends, Now Her Husband Regrets

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15 Years Considering Wife a Burden and Prioritizing Friends, Now Her Husband Regrets |  Dream.co.id

“I don’t appreciate his presence in my life. Now the only woman I loved so much is gone.”
Sometimes we as husbands are too selfish towards our wives. More concerned with friends than faithfully accompanying his wife.

If one day you are away from your partner, then you will feel sorry for having wasted your wife all this time.

This is the feeling experienced by a husband from Malaysia, who lost his wife to stage four uterine cancer.

Her story was shared by a woman, call her Mawar, who was a friend of the deceased through a touching post on Facebook.

Husband’s Regret for 15 Years Abandoning Wife

According to Mawar, her best friend passed away in February 2018 after three months of battling cancer.

“Thank God the deceased did not suffer for long. Three months of pain before he breathed his last at Fajr.

“He left a husband with a young son and two daughters who are still in school,” said Mawar, starting this moving story.

Mawar said, a month after the death of her best friend, the husband of the deceased came to her house with a box of clothes.

According to the husband, before he died, his wife advised him to donate all his clothes that were still proper to anyone in need.

“The husband does not know where to distribute his wife’s clothes. Maybe you are still in shock and can’t think clearly, that’s why it was entrusted to me,” said Mawar.

Never Pay Attention to Wife’s Needs
However, as soon as she opened the box, Mawar gasped when her best friend’s husband suddenly expressed deep regret.

To Mawar, her best friend’s husband said, “Last night I opened the closet of the deceased and this is all he has… 15 years I have been with him, it turns out that I never cared about the deceased. I ignored the deceased until he fell ill I don’t know.”

“Before I got married, I saw that in her small bag there were various kinds of lipstick, powder and other kinds of makeup.

“But when she became my wife, everything was gone and I never bought a replacement,” said the husband, sobbing.

Prioritizing Friends Over Wife
With tears in his eyes, the husband expressed his regret for not having respected or served his wife well during his life.

In fact, the husband did not hesitate to admit that he prioritized his friends over his own wife.

“When I saw the youngest child asking for milk, I was sad… Which of my friends I spend a lot of time with can make milk for my child at night.

“Who can help take care of the children to school like the deceased. Who can accompany the little one to play until 3 or 4 in the morning if not the deceased.

“When I opened the deceased’s cellphone, there were very few photos of her with me. Almost all photos of the deceased with children. Meanwhile, my cellphone is full of photos of me and my friends. There’s not even a photo of him with me,” said the husband.

Wife’s Complaints Are Considered a Burden

The husband regretted not only for neglecting his obligations to the woman who had been entrusted to him, he even considered it as a burden that needed to be borne.

“Every time the deceased complained of being sick, unwell, weak and asked me to go to the hospital, I just took it as a trivial matter. I’m lazy it will waste my time because I have to wait for all the affairs of his health check. I was cruel to the deceased.

“Every time the deceased complained of body aches, I just told him to sleep, take medicine. I told the children to massage. But I forgot it was my duty.

One morning he complained of a very sick stomach. I even scolded him for not taking care of his food. When I saw that he was not weak, his pulse was getting lower, I immediately took him to the hospital. But while I was in the ambulance, my mouth kept cursing that he was a bother to me,” she said.

Late Regret

Realizing his mistakes all this time, he admitted that he would try to improve himself and change to be a good husband even though it was too late.

“I don’t appreciate his presence in my life. Now the only woman I loved so much is gone.

“He has left me with millions of memories and stories of our ups and downs during our courtship in school to marriage,” he said with tears in his eyes.


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