2 Days After Cesarean Surgery Already on TikTok, Cherly Juno Ex-Cherrybelle Makes Netizens Hurt

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After undergoing a cesarean section, usually a mother needs a longer wound recovery than normal delivery. The reason, caesarean section is a major surgery on the mother’s abdomen that is carried out to remove the fetus. There is a recovery time that takes a few days to a matter of weeks to be able to walk normally as usual without pain.

This common thing made the public surprised when a celebrity, Cherly Juno, who shared a video of her dancing after a caesarean section last Sunday (12/9). Many netizens claimed to be in pain to see Cherly’s agility while dancing after giving birth to her second son. The TikTok video that Cherly also uploaded on her personal Instagram went viral because many netizens were curious and shared their experiences after the caesarean.

Cherly showed off a video of her dance while sharing stories about the stages of her recovery, she was even able to sit for 3 hours after surgery

In the video, this former Cherrybelle personnel looks lively dancing with relatives and the nurses at the hospital. Cherly also looks cheerful while moving her whole body to the music on TikTok, as well as several people behind her. In addition, he also looks fresh without an expression of holding back pain or stiff due to the pain in his wound.

“3 hours after birth, SC can sit up immediately. 6 hours after caesarean can immediately stand up. 12 hours already can go straight. 2 days after caesarean, I can jog,” he wrote in the video.

The video that went viral on TikTok and was reposted by various accounts became a public conversation. The reason is that many netizens also share their post-cesarean experiences. Some even can walk normally after a week to 2 months. No wonder when they saw Cheryl’s action, many were amazed and hurt at the thought of the pain of the caesarean scar.

Cheryl uses the latest caesarean method which allows her to recover quickly after surgery and without feeling excessive pain

In another upload, this mother of two children again shows off her ability to dance agilely after 2 days of undergoing caesarean section. Cherly deliberately chose September 9, 2021 as the birth of her second son, Sean Giorgio Panjaitan. “Anyone has heard of the eracs method,” Cherly wrote in the caption for her upload on Instagram. In the video, Cheryl looks more agile because several times she jumps and moves her hips without hesitation.

“2 days after the birth of sc, cc can already dance and is like normal. And it’s almost painless at all. Now this is sc using the Eracs method. Has anyone heard of it?” Cheryl wrote in the video.

From this information, it is known that Cheryl chose the method Enhanced Recovery After Caesarean Surgery (ERACS) which allows him to dance agile after caesarean section. This method is one of the caesarean methods that provides the best pain relief drugs so that patients can immediately carry out their normal normal activities after surgery. Cheryl herself was amazed by the caesarean method she was living. “This second birth is quite surprising and surprising, because after the procedure it only takes 3 hours to be able to sit down, this is a new method,” said Cherly quoted from Tempo.

Cheryl’s dance action invites netizens’ curiosity, many are surprised and admit it hurts, many share their experiences

Netizens’ comments | Credit by @Cherly7uno on Instagram

Many netizens admit that they feel pain when they see Cheryl’s dancing. Even though the ERACS method has been explained, netizens still admit to imagining pain in the caesarean wound. In addition, many also suspect that the ERACS fee is very expensive, and does not apply to BPJS health users. “Well, yes, Mom, I have money, so I must look for the best. We are the BPJS team, we are still sick for a month,” wrote one netizen.

However, it turns out that many netizens have used this method even though they are BPJS patients. “I use BPJS, I can use the 8-hour eracs method, it can run smoothly. Third SC, another pregnant spirit,” wrote another netizen. Cheryl’s action also became an event share Warganet’s experience when undergoing a post-cesarean section in the comments column.


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