5 Applications To Maintain Body Fitness

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ACCURATE.CO Even though you are at home for a long time during the PSBB period, you must still be diligent in exercising so that your body’s health is maintained. To keep your body healthy and fit, you need to try some sports apps on the Google Play Store that you can use directly from your smartphone.

Here are recommendations for the best sports applications that you must try:

1. Rebel Asana

Change your lifestyle with regular exercise so that your body becomes healthier with Asana Rebel. This application provides exercise tips ranging from yoga to fitness. You can even choose a collection of music to accompany meditation and before going to bed so that your inner quality is also maintained.

All of that can be accessed for free. But to get additional features like custom workouts by yoga and fitness experts or a selection of workout collections to get specific results, you have to pay for them first.

Premium Fee: Depends on each specific training option.

2. Calm

Want to try starting meditation to calm your mind don’t know where to start? Try the Calm application which will help you to meditate and train your sleep quality to be more restful with a selection of music that calms the mind.

There are Sleep Stories, breathing exercise programs to relaxing music to accompany you to meditate for free. It’s just that there are several choices of music content that can be accessed if you subscribe.


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