5 Disappointed Artists at KPI, Robby Purba Returns 2018 Honors

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Robby Purba (Instagram/@robbypurba)

1NEWS – The Indonesian Broadcasting Commission or KPI has recently been under the spotlight. An employee of the Central KPI revealed sexual harassment and bullying he received around 2012-2014. Both the victim and the alleged perpetrator are male. However, the victim is threatened with being reported under the ITE Law because it is suspected that the perpetrators feel that their reputation has been defamed due to their revealed identity.

In addition, KPI’s decision not to prohibit Saipul Jamil from appearing on television programs has drawn sharp criticism. Because Saipul Jamil is known to be free after 5 years in prison for sexual harassment cases.

Artist Disappointed at KPI (Instagram/@robbypurba)

Not only the public, public figures are also busy expressing their disappointment with KPI. Anyone? Check out the following review.

Contributor: Neressa Prahastiwi


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