5 Facts about Taqy Malik’s father, rumors of sexual irregularities in his new wife are not random people – 1NEWS

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Taqy Malik's father

5 Facts about Taqy Malik’s father, from work to allegations of sexual misconduct

Taqy Malik’s father, Mansyardin Malik, is in the public spotlight after a woman named Marlina Oktoria Kawuwung appeared in public claiming to be his siri wife. Marlina expressed disappointment with Marsyadin because he was never introduced to his family even though he was married on 19 July.

In addition, Marlina also reported Marsyadin Malik to the police on suspicion of sexual misconduct. So, who exactly is Mansyardin Malik? Check out the following reviews.

Taqy Malik’s father’s occupation

Taqy Malik’s father, Mansyardin Malik is known to have a job that is not arbitrary. He is a mining entrepreneur who is quite successful. Mansyardin Malik is a mining, oil and plantation entrepreneur in Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan, as reported by Surabaya.tribunnews. Sherel Thalib’s father-in-law owns a company called PT. Dhoha Jaya Makmur, having its address in Banjarmasin. He served as President Director of the company.

Source: YouTube SCTV

Talk about Salmafina

When Taqy Malik remarried to Sherel Talib in 2020, the issue of Salmafina being divorced by Taqy because tight pants resurfaced. The 23-year-old YouTuber’s father also gave a response regarding this matter. Mansyardin thinks his words are for everyone.

Salmafina and Taqy Malik
Source: Instagram

“So we don’t reply to each other, whoever it is, this is a general nature if we are with other people. Just pray, maybe we have made a lot of mistakes, no human is perfect, we just pray for each other in goodness,” said Mansyardin Malik on YouTube SCTV.

Reported new wife on suspicion of sexual deviation

Having not heard from him for a long time, Mansyardin was suddenly reported by a woman named Marlina Oktoria Kawuwung on suspicion of sexual misconduct. Marlina’s sister, Fanca, looks furious and explains that Marsyadin Malik has been forced to serve her husband during menstruation six times by having sex from behind.

“A wife who is menstruating, she is sexually deviant, this is already inhumane,” said Marlina’s sister.

Taqy Malik and Marlina's father
Taqy Malik and Marlina’s father. Photo Source: Instagram

Therefore, Marlina decided to leave the house and reported this problem to her family and did a post-mortem. Because her divorce requests were always rejected, the 34-year-old woman hired a lawyer to follow up on this matter.

“I’ve been separated for a week, actually before that I was (separated). But he begged, okay, let’s make it up, it turns out he did it again, he didn’t want to divorce me, I wasn’t strong anymore, I didn’t want (anal sex),” said Marlina.

Mansyardin denies the accusation

Mansyardin Malik through his lawyer, Halim Darmawan, regretted this news. His party admitted that they were ready to refute the accusations made by Marlina.

“He said it was not good to be reported like that. He said he was a boat, someone was rowing, and there was a captain. So this one’s (Marlina’s) life is being covered up, so there is no openness to her (Taqy Malik’s father) so Taqy Malik’s father is angry, “said Halim Darmawan.

Confess that he is divorced from Marlina

Not only that, Mansyardin also said that he had divorced Marlina on September 6. He has also prepared a divorce statement and will give it to Marlina.

“His divorce was on September 6, he said verbally, then he also made a statement and he will send the letter to his ex-wife. He got married this July,” concluded Taqy Malik’s father’s lawyer.

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