5 Most Shocking Funeral Incidents, Disappearing Bodies to Suddenly Rise Up!

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5 Most Shocking Funeral Incidents, Lost Bodies That Are A Mystery Until Now - Photo 1

ACCURATE.CO Like birth or marriage, death is a major event in human life. In fact, this is the end point where humans will meet the end of their phase of life. Therefore, the funeral ceremony is a very sacred thing and is expected to run smoothly without any obstacles.

However, like other phases of life, nothing can ever go perfectly. For example, there were several cases where funerals led to a commotion that eventually attracted media attention.

How was the case? Reported from various sources, here are 5 of the most shocking funeral incidents in the world that have been compiled: ACCURATE.CO on Monday (13/9).

1. Funeral videos are confused with pornographic footage

Google maps & Wales Media

Last January 2016, the media was busy discussing the funeral incident experienced by the family of Simon Lewis from Cardiff, Wales. On a dark new year, 33-year-old Lewis and his newly pregnant wife have an accident. Their car was hit and Lewis died instantly.

Meanwhile, his wife who was in the passenger seat was rushed to the hospital for a caesarean section. Unfortunately, Lewis’ baby named Simon Jr died shortly after being born.

The grieving family has put together a memorial video for the father and son, hoping to see footage of the memory on the day of their funeral. Unfortunately, the warning videos for the two were actually confused with adult scenes footage.

It is not clear how the organizers could carelessly play the wrong video. In fact, the porn video is displayed on a large screen where all visitors can see it. The indecent footage has been played for at least four minutes, with visitors being shocked.

“Everyone was shocked, Simon’s father-in-law was so angry he shouted at the staff present and told them to turn it off.

“It took almost four minutes to turn it off, people couldn’t believe what they were seeing. Luckily, the chaplain handled it very well. He apologized on behalf of the Cardiff Council and said that in 30 years of doing the job, he had never seen anything wrong. deserved to happen like that,” said a resident who was present at the funeral, quoted from Metro News.

2. The chest slips off the cliff

5 Most Shocking Funeral Incidents, Lost Bodies That Become Mystery Until Now - Photo 2
Xuanwo Video via Yahoo News

Traditional funerals in China turn into a nightmare after a carried coffin falls from a steep mountainside. The coffin then fell on a number of people who were under it.

Video of the incident later went viral on Chinese social media with footage showing the coffin rolling down a slope and shattering instantly. Seeing that, dozens of residents who were present were seen running to help the funeral workers.

Several online reports suggest one person was killed in the incident, while others were injured. However, the Yiliang County Health Bureau told Shijian Video that the reports about the death toll were not true. They said only three people were injured, ranging from mild to moderate.

The incident itself took place in a village in Yiliang County in the southwestern province of Yunnan, last October 2020. At that time, residents run the funeral with the principles of Feng Shui. According to this practitioner, the residents chose a mountainside location that was near the water and had a good view. Unfortunately, when trying to lift it up the mountainside, the pulley was reported to have broken. As a result, the coffin incident that fell and hit the people present was inevitable.

3. The family of the deceased jumps into the grave

5 Most Shocking Funeral Incidents, Lost Bodies That Are A Mystery Until Now - Photo 3

The burial ceremony that took place at Wanyororo Cemetery in Bahati, Nakuru, Kenya, in December 2018 led to a commotion. At that moment, the funeral which was supposed to take place solemnly turned into chaos and ended up stalled for hours.

In that incident, three family members, namely the wife and two cousins ​​of the deceased, urged to go to the grave. They protested that the late Edward Mwangi was not buried. They insisted on rejecting the funeral and demanded that Mwangi’s body be brought back to the morgue. If the demands are not carried out, the protesters threaten to be buried with Edward.

At one point, the coffin was already in the grave, and protestors tried to pull it back.

The protest was not without cause. It is known, Edward died on December 3, 2018 because he was murdered. Before he died, Edward allegedly went to meet Stephen Mwangi who was accused of having an affair with his wife, Mary Wangari.

For this reason, Edward’s wife and cousin wanted to send the deceased’s body back to the morgue so that the investigation could continue. They are also only willing to bury the deceased if the alleged perpetrator has been charged or arrested. However, Mwangi’s parents and brother, who live in Kirinyaga, had planned the funeral. Although shocked by the protests, the deceased’s father finally forced the burial to continue even without a prayer event.

Meanwhile, a resident who requested anonymity told Standard that Edward did go to see Stephen before he died. That’s when, Edward and his friends attack Stephen. Unfortunately, Edward was left by his friends and finally he was stabbed to death by Stephen. Residents find Edward’s body the next morning on a farm next to Stephen’s house.

4. The mystery of the body of Julie Mott

5 Most Shocking Funeral Incidents, Lost Bodies That Become Mystery Until Now - Photo 5

Julie Mott was 25 when she died of cystic fibrosis in 2015. A week after she died, which would be her 26th birthday, family and friends held a memorial service for her at Mission Park North in San Antonio, Texas.

On the eve of the funeral service, the funeral home staff transported Mott’s coffin to the waiting room where he would be cremated the next day. However, that final warning to Mott who had been so well prepared never happened. When the staff came to retrieve the coffin and body, the next morning, they found both missing.

Surprisingly, there was no sign of a break-in and the building’s security system had not been shut down. People were astonished and angry at the same time. There are two suspects in this case. They were Mott’s ex-girlfriend Bill Willburn and funeral companies Beyer and Beitel Mortuary Services. It is known, Beyer and Beitel do not have a good reputation and even a few months earlier had been sued for accidentally mixing up the bodies of two women.

However, neither Willburn nor Beyer and Beitel were charged with the crime. Unfortunately, Mott’s body is still missing and his whereabouts remain a mystery to this day.

5. The body wakes up when it is buried

There are cases where a person’s corpse suddenly wakes up after being declared dead. Such cases are commonly known as Lazarus syndrome. However, this usually happens while the body is still in the morgue, rather than in the coffin as was the case in this case.

The story was widely reviewed in 2014. At that time, a three-year-old girl, whose name was not disclosed, was declared dead by doctors in Zamboanga del Sur, southern Philippines.

The child was declared dead on July 11, 2014, after suffering from a high fever for three days. The child then undergoes a funeral procession, but during Mass, a miracle happens. The girl’s head started to move and when the coffin was opened, the girl was alive. In the video that went viral, the people present were immediately in an uproar. His father immediately grabbed him from the coffin and hugged him. The attending doctor also confirmed that he was still alive. However, the story does not have a happy ending. The little girl who had risen from the dead then died again. He died not long after being brought home by his parents.

These are some of the shocking incidents that occurred during the funeral. How about you? Have you ever witnessed a similar incident or other incident?[]


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