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Riding with children can give happiness to parents, yes, Bun.

Dream – So far, we usually hear about the prohibition of riding a child in front of the driver when riding a motorcycle. It is feared that the gust of wind will make the child sick.

Riding with children is not just an experience. This method can also increase the bond and closeness between parents and children. Not surprisingly, there are many parents who often take their children to go around the city just to enjoy the scenery or recreation to certain places.

Don’t let the desire to form an inner bond with your child end up bitter because the baby is sick from sitting in front of the mother.

But about the safety and comfort of riding a motorbike with a child, it’s not just a matter of the baby’s sitting position. There are five things that need to be considered by mothers and fathers who often carry their children.

Quoted from Federal Oil, Monday 13 September 2021, p first What must be ensured is that the child is old enough to ride. Avoid bringing children under the age of 3 months because their immune system is still low and susceptible to disease.

For children under 5 years old, you can carry them by tying them securely around the child’s body so that they stick to your body. This method is used to avoid the worst possibility, such as a child suddenly slipping out of his grip when he is sleepy on the road.

Second, ride the child behind.

The best way to get kids to ride is to put them in the back seat. It aims to prevent children from direct air pollution and wind.

Third, complete riding equipment for children.

Make sure you prepare all the necessary equipment, such as children’s helmets, thick jackets, masks, glasses, and gloves.

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Obey Traffic Rules

Fourth, keep obeying traffic rules.

Not only red lights, there are so many traffic signs on the highway.

As a good parent, you should set an example of obedience to traffic rules. For example, no parking sign, no turning left, and many others. Gradually, children will imitate what is taught by their parents.

Fifth, not speeding on the road when carrying a child.

In addition to being dangerous, driving at high speeds while carrying a child can also create a sense of fear for them.

This can trigger prolonged trauma. When driving with children, you should lower the motor speed.

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Don’t Just Face, Motorcycle Seats Also Need Lotion So It’s Not Easily Damaged

Dream – A torn motorbike seat may be a trivial matter if it occurs in the dry season. But imagine if the seat is still torn when it rains every day. Guaranteed ass will be wet when you sit on the seat.

Most motorcycle seats are made of synthetic leather. This material can not last as long as the seat of cow or sheep leather.

In addition to the time of use that makes it brittle, motorcycle seats can also be torn because they are often scratched by pets such as cats at home or stabbed by sharp objects.

There is no other way to care for a synthetic motorcycle seat so that it lasts longer than taking care of it regularly.

© Dream

Quoted from Federal Oil, Monday 6 September 2021, you can take care of your motorcycle seat by giving a special lotion that is currently widely found in the market.

Just apply it every one or two months, this lotion will moisturize the skin of the motorcycle seat which is easy to dry. For your information, this faux leather seat will crack when dry.

This synthetic leather seat needs moisture so that the polyurethane inside does not dry out. Polyurethane is a type of rubber that is usually used for synthetic leather.

In addition to lotion, you can use a motorcycle seat cover when parking in an open place.

If you often take care of your face so it doesn’t crack, now is the time to rub your favorite motorcycle seat with a special lotion.

Good luck!

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Tips for Safe Motorcycle Crossing the Road Under Overpass Construction

Dream – Have you ever crossed a road under flyover construction? This path often makes the heart anxious and nervous. Many people choose speeding because they want to quickly escape from that location.

Whereas avoiding by speeding is not the recommended solution to overcome these fears. If you’re not careful, the anxious driver might get into an accident.

© Dream

Quoted from Wahana Honda, Friday, September 3, 2021, there are several things that a car driver must watch out for when crossing a road on which a flyover is being built.

Usually motorists who cross this location will face problems with minimal lighting and limited visibility. Those two things must be anticipated when going through a project like this.

There are three safe tips for you to ride a motorcycle when crossing the road under overpass construction. Here are the tips.

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Looking Far Ahead

First, you have to remember and do is cast a long view ahead. In this way, the view can be wider.

Of course it can anticipate various risks of accidents.

This doesn’t mean you have to keep your head up. It’s even dangerous. You can see far ahead before entering the tunnel under the overpass construction.

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Keep a Safe Distance and Choose the Side of the Road

Second, keep a safe distance. Motorists tend to slow down when approaching or passing through roads under flyover construction. Therefore, always keep a safe distance.

Moreover, there is a possibility that the road will be damaged, but it cannot be seen because of the lack of lighting.

Third, choose a safe side of the road. Before approaching the road, look up and find the position of the construction workers. Well, what is considered safe is a road that is not under construction workers.

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Don’t forget to cover the helmet

The thing to remember, don’t forget to cover your helmet when you want to cross the road. The area is potentially filled with flying dust,

If it gets in the eyes and squints, this condition can be dangerous for you.

Therefore, make sure you wear a helmet with SNI standards. Actually, this equipment must be worn when driving, not just when you know you are going through the road under flyover construction.

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