6 Biggest Celebrity Lawsuits Over the Years – 1NEWS

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Living life in Hollywood can make it difficult to maneuver the avenues of fame. The lifestyle of the rich and famous is full of ups and downs, both personal, professional, and financial. The wildlife of celebs leads them into many pitfalls and precarious situations, many of them ending up in legal trouble in the process. Because celebs are usually very wealthy, when they get into legal issues, people tend to try to take them for all their worth. When on the other spectrum, some celebs have taken other celebs to court and racked up on large sums of money. While some of these issues may be trivial, other celebrity lawsuits have been over serious allegations. A few of the most prominent lawsuits have been able to shed light on very needed topics, such as racism, sexual harassment, and more. If you are ready to learn more about these infamous legal battles, read on to learn about these 6 biggest celebrity lawsuits over the years.

Nicki Minaj vs. Tracy Chapman
Back in January of 2021, the legal battle between Nicki Minaj and Tracy Chapman finally came to a close. Chapman sued Minaj over the unauthorized use of his song “Baby Can I Hold You?” which Minaj said she had no clue was sampled in one of her songs. She wanted Chapman to let her have rights to the song to keep her album from being delayed, but Chapman only ended the dispute two years later after accepting a $450,000 settlement from Minaj.

FKA twigs vs. Shia LaBeouf
In December 2020 it was released that FKA twigs was suing LaBeouf for what she called “relentless abuse” during their relationship, which included sexual assault and battery and emotional distress. Another one of LaBeouf’s exes Karolyn Pho has corroborated her story with similarly harrowing descriptions of their relationship. Online accounts say that LaBeouf would not allow FKA twigs to wear clothing to bed and would throw a fit if she looked male waiters in the eye.

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