8 Artist Assistants Who Are Famously Beautiful, Not Less Like The Boss

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Prita Aunalal, Theresa Wienathan and Nia Ramadhani.  (instagram.com/ramadhaniabakrie)

1NEWS – Life as an artist assistant may have been attached to the image of a hard and super busy life. Let alone to dress up to be able to go home on time just seems difficult. For appearance, many may think that an assistant’s attire must always be neat and formal. However, apparently that’s not always the case.

This is because a series of Indonesian artist assistants have looks and faces that are no less beautiful than their bosses. Even a series of assistant artists have a cool and luxurious style.

Prita Aunalal, Theresa Wienathan and Nia Ramadhani. (instagram.com/ramadhaniabakrie)

As a result many do not believe that they are a personal assistant. Who are the assistants to the famously beautiful artist? Just take a peek at the photo below!

Contributor: Safitri Yulikhah


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