9 Beautiful Photos of Thisia, Married by DPRD Member 27 Years Older | 1NEWS

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Dreams – The beautiful model Thisia Halijam was in the spotlight after marrying a man 27 years older than her in March 2020.

The owner of the full name Aisyah Thisia Bianty was married by a member of the Indonesian House of Representatives for the 2019-2024 Central Kalimantan electoral district, Agustiar Sabran. Besides that, Agustiar is also a wealthy businessman in Central Kalimantan.

In addition to her marriage, Thisia’s beautiful face was also in the public spotlight. Not only beautiful, a series of achievements were also achieved by this 22-year-old woman. This is a beautiful portrait of Thisia Halijam, compiled from instagram @thisia.halijam.

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