Accused of sexual perversion, Taqy Malik’s father opens his voice

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Marlina, the wife of Taqy Malik's father, photo: Youtube

Taqy Malik’s father, Mansyardin Malik, opened up about allegations of sexual deviance to Marlina Oktoria Kawuwung, a woman who claimed to be Siri’s wife whom he had only been married for 2 months.

“We’ll talk about that later,” said Mansyardin Malik to the Hops network, Matamata, Monday (13/9/2021).

Mansyardin Malik did not give a definite answer whether or not the allegations were true. The father of the celebgram also promised to clarify this afternoon after being mentioned about his siren marriage with Marlina.

“Later, this afternoon, my lawyer and I will pre-contract to explain everything,” he added.

Marlina shows proof of post-mortem due to sexual deviation from Taqy Malik’s father

Marlina Oktoria, the serial wife of Taqy Malik’s father, revealed the sexual deviation she experienced. Marlina admitted that Mansyardin Malik had asked him to have anal sex 6 times since 2 months of being married.

Marlina, the wife of Taqy Malik’s father, photo: Youtube

In a press conference held, the attorney revealed evidence of Marlina Oktoria’s post-mortem. As a result of this deviant sex treatment, Marlina suffered damage to her vital parts and is said to have entered stage 4.

“There is damage from our client’s post-mortem. There is very significant damage on the back, up to stage 4,” said Marlina’s attorney, Eri Kartanegara in Jakarta, Sunday (12/9).

Marlina admitted that previously Mansyardin had promised not to do what he did again. However, it happened again and again. In fact, her sister said that Marlina had been asked to have sexual intercourse during her period.

“I’ve been separated for a week, actually before that I was (separated). But he begged, okay, let’s make it up, it turns out he did it again, he didn’t want to divorce me, I wasn’t strong anymore, I didn’t want (anal sex),” said Marlina.

Taqy Malik's father photo: Screen Shoot
Taqy Malik’s father photo: Screen Shoot

No longer able to stay married, Marlina is determined to part with Mansyardin Malik and does not rule out the possibility of taking legal action.

“He asked for a divorce, because our client is physically and psychologically disturbed. Because there is an assumption that her husband has an abnormality in bed. He is no longer able to live together, so we request that the person concerned divorces, and does not rule out the possibility of legal action in the future,” concluded Agustinus Nahak, Marlina’s attorney.

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