AHY shouted about the buzzer, Irma replied to reveal the secrets of the Democrats

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buzzer illustration.  Photo: Law justice

Recently, the public space has been enlivened by the statement of the General Chairperson of the Democratic Party, Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono (AHY), who complained about the existence of political buzzers or buzzers. According to AHY, the presence of buzzers in the country has succeeded in breaking democracy and dividing the nation.

He also said that the existence of buzzers has more negative consequences, because it always produces hoaxes, applies slanderous politics, black politics, and often kills someone’s character.

Related to this, Nasdem politician Irma Suryani Chaniago then responded. According to him, what AHY said about the buzzer was excessive. Because, he said, the use of buzzers in politics is very reasonable.

“Buzzers are natural in politics. Democrats must understand, because they were once the ruling party,” he said, quoted in a webinar, Monday, September 13, 2021.

Irma: AHY, don’t hide about the buzzer

buzzer illustration. Photo: Law justice

Furthermore, on that occasion, Irma tried to reveal the secrets of the Democrats that not many people knew. Where the party led by AHY, he said, also maintains buzzers. So he then stepped aside if ‘AHY don’t throw stones and hide your hands’.

“The Democrats were once the rulers, they should understand, understand why there are buzzers in politics in Indonesia and even around the world. There’s no need to accuse one party of having a buzzer, and it’s as if they claim to be the victim. Because they (Democrats) also use it.”

Not only Democrats, Irma also admits that political buzzers are often owned by many political parties in Indonesia. It is used for parts of socialization, agitation, propaganda, imagery, to killing political opponents.

Chairman of the Democratic Party AHY
Chairman of the Democratic Party AHY Photo: Antara

“The opposition may need a buzzer to gain public sympathy, while the government may also use a buzzer to fend off opposition attacks,” he said.

According to Irma, as for the buzzers in political parties, they are usually fanatical cadres and have been prepared by the party. The second is professional people who are paid by either the opposition or the government to work to secure their image.

“I’m not denying it, but don’t get excited, because all parties have a buzzer,” he said.

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