Al-Quran Sheets Are Used as Firecrackers and Exploded in Tangerang, Police Intervene

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The people of Tangerang were stirred up by torn firecrackers, which turned out to be written in the Koran. This incident went viral on social media.

In the post on the Instagram account @info_ciledug, it was written that residents of RT 01/RW006, Parung Serab, Ciledug, were shocked by the discovery of torn Al-Quran paper after the firecrackers were detonated.

Previously, the firecrackers were used in a wedding party. “The firecrackers allegedly made from torn Al-Quran were found by residents of Parung Serab, Ciledug.

This was known when one of the residents held a wedding ceremony on Saturday (11/9/2021) afternoon at around 16.00 WIB,” the post said.

“The family set off firecrackers as a sign that the event was over,” the statement added.

It was revealed that the torn paper was part of the Koran when the pieces of firecrackers were about to be cleaned by residents and the families of the wedding organizers.

When examined further, the pieces of paper that were used for firecrackers turned out to be torn pieces of the Koran.

“The family and residents who were at the location admitted that they did not know that the firecrackers were made from torn Al-Quran. Now the residents have reported the findings to the local authorities for further investigation,” the statement said.

Until now, there is no further information from where the firecrackers were obtained.

Meanwhile, the Head of Public Relations of the Tangerang Metro Police, Kompol Abdul Rachim, admitted that he had received this information.

Abdul said the police would still investigate the incident.

“I’ll check later,” said Abdul, Sunday (12/9).


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