Amazing, There Are 159 Men Who Invite Larissa Chou

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1NEWS – After divorcing Alvin Faiz, the figure of Larissa Chou seems to be the target of many men.

The reason, a lot of men who want to marry her.

In fact, his iddah period has not ended after his divorce from Alvin Faiz.

This was revealed by the founder of the Indonesian Mualaf Center (MCI) Hanny Kristianto through his Instagram upload recently.

“The iddah period has not been completed, there have been 159 people who asked @larissachou to marry,” said Hanny.

Hanny said that for now Larissa Chou has no intention of getting married again.

Because, the mother of one child is still quite traumatized by the failure of her household with the son of KH Arifin Ilham.

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“For those of you who intend to be ta’aruf, in the near future @larissachou doesn’t want to get married. Currently, he is still traumatized, he is more focused on learning the Koran, taking care of Yusuf, managing his heart and managing his life as well as managing his work in a new place,” he explained.

For information, Hanny and Larissa have been quite close.

In fact, Hanny is also a witness to Larissa’s convert to Islam.

Larissa also already considers Hanny like her father. (chi/jpnn)

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