AmPm, Japanese Producer Duo Appreciates Jakarta City Via New Single

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AmPm, Japanese EDM Producer Duo Appreciates Jakarta City Via New Single Instrumental

Posted on: 09/13/21 at 9:00 am

AmPm Producer Duo.

AmPm (read: AmPam), as an artist, admits that inspiration can come from anywhere. Sometimes from experiences that have been long enough, because the impression is so imprinted on the heart, it can continue to be a source of inspiration that never runs out to be explored. That’s what happened to AmPm. A visit to Jakarta is a memorable experience for this masked creative duo from Japan. As a form of their appreciation for the city that gave them many important moments in their career as musicians, AmPm also created single completely inspired by the metropolis.

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Single Their latest title is ‘Jakarta’ to be single their third instrumental dance inspired by cities around the world. ‘Jakarta’ will be launched simultaneously on all digital streaming platforms since September 10, 2021. Along with the premiere of its music video on YouTube, which showcases the dynamics of the landscape and cityscape of Jakarta as the capital city of Indonesia.

The duo who started their career in March 2017 and became globally popular through single ‘Best Part of Us feat. Michael Kaneko’ often expresses their admiration for Indonesia. And especially Jakarta, a city outside of Japan where they had the opportunity to perform at a large music festival for the first time with thousands of spectators.

“As a city where we first performed at a concert, Jakarta holds many memories for us. A city that is home to people with very diverse backgrounds, Jakarta has a unique culture. As a city that is growing so rapidly, Jakarta has a distinctive character. And it can’t be denied, it’s become one of our favorite cities. We aim to express our fond memories of Jakarta. Along with the atmospheric vibe that we feel in a dance song,” said the two AmPm personnel.

AmPm Makes A City Single Series That Makes Them For Them

As explained above, ‘Jakarta’ is the third song in a series of instrumental dance songs with the theme of cities in the world that inspires and plays an important role in AmPm’s career. This thematic song series begins with the launch single ‘Tokyo’ in March 2021, followed by ‘New York City’ in June 2021 and now, ‘Jakarta’ on September 10.

The choice of these cities is of course related to the musical journey of this producer duo where each AmPm personnel feels there is a strong emotional attachment to these cities. Especially for Jakarta, AmPm performed in Jakarta in 2017 as the only Japanese artist to appear at the Spotify On Stage festival. Where, as a newcomer artist, this is an unforgettable experience.

He added, “We can still clearly remember how enthusiastic we were about our first concert performance in Jakarta. For now, it might still be very difficult to repeat an experience like that where large groups of spectators gather and the music plays at its loudest volume. However, we are optimistic that the time will come when we can return to Jakarta and perform on stage at the concert, performing AmPm’s newest musical composition.”

From this emotional connection, a song was created that combines the typical AmPm dance song that is smooth n’ chill with a thick melody typical of Southeast Asia which is considered to be able to describe the capital city of Indonesia which is so heartwarming for AmPm personnel. “This song is also our first attempt to include the sounds of traditional folk instruments. And we hope that listeners can enjoy and feel the journey to the city of Jakarta while listening to this song.”

Instrumental Dance Music Inspired From Favorite Cities

Oh yes, they wrote stories about their memorable experiences while in Jakarta. And the inspiration that comes from the city of Jakarta. You can read more on their blog website at this link.

Throughout their career, AmPm have produced dance tracks featuring various guest vocalists from around the world. However, in addition to what they have already done, they do plan to continue to work on distributing instrumental dance music inspired by their favorite cities, as their expression of the valuable inspiration they get while traveling the world.

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Single Previously released dance instrumentals such as ‘Tokyo’ and ‘New York City’ were also included in the release single ‘Jakarta’. Please visit various digital streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music and Joox.

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