Angel Lelga reveals evidence of adultery accusations: Touch from men doesn’t exist

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Vicky Prasetyo and Angel Lelga Photo: Instagram

Several years ago, Vicky Prasetyo accused Angel Lelga of committing adultery while still being his wife. Unmitigated, at that time Vicky along with several people raided Angel’s residence. At that time, he was with Fiki Alman.

Vicky also reported Angel Lelga on charges of adultery, but it was not proven. In fact, Angel reported back to the ex-husband for defamation. The four-month sentence was handed down to Kalina Oktarani’s husband. Hearing the verdict, Angel felt normal. But instead he recounted the feeling of immense relief when Vicky was named a suspect.

Angel Lelga on accusations of adultery

Angel shared his feelings after Vicky was sentenced to prison on the YouTube channel Dapur Talk Online which was uploaded on Sunday, September 12, 2021. He revealed that it was precisely the feelings before the verdict that made Angel happy. “After he became a suspect relieved,” he said. It took three years for the verdict.

Angel explained that the ex-husband was proven guilty through two things, evidence and the results of the post-mortem from the hospital. “Thank God he was finally proven guilty through two. First is my evidence and also the post-mortem from the hospital which says I have no adultery,” he continued.

Angel Lelga said that the accusation of adultery was not proven. “There is no adultery, if something goes into my body. There is no touch from men alone, these are all divisum bodies.” The matter of evidence at Angel’s house has been BAP and held by the police. “Those two pieces of evidence support him, making him a suspect,” said Angel.

Vicky Prasetyo and Angel Lelga Photo: Instagram

Grateful to miss

Now, the ex-wife of the series Rhoma Irama is also grateful to be separated from Vicky Prasetyo’s family.” The most important thing is that I can get away from them, most grateful.” Since the incident at her house, she has broken up with them. “There was no communication before the riot they made at my house, I have blocked it,” said Angel firmly.

Although the accusation of adultery was not proven, Angel Lelga still could not fully recover. “I, as a woman, if I have been slandered, framed like that, will definitely have stains on me.” His self-esteem has been hurt, “Even if this has been sentenced, it can’t restore my self-esteem, which they made in such a way.”

When accused of adultery, Angel Lelga felt heavy. “Initially, it was difficult to lift my head, it took 1-2 months. Moreover, I have to campaign. but over time you get used to it, you get used to it. What makes me strong is the support of the fans,” he concluded.

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