Ayu Ting Ting Now Claims to Be Starting to Feel the Bad Impact of the Blacklist Petition | Most Exciting

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Paling Seru

Kapanseru.com – Was indifferent, as if not responding and confused about the boycott petition that has been signed by hundreds of thousands of people, Ayu Ting Ting apparently felt the bad impact of the blacklist petition.

His mental health was disturbed so that he felt stressed due to facing the problem.

“This is what I was really devastated yesterday, stressed. No problem, I have a lot of work to do. Everything is a petition, boycott it,” he vented on his personal YouTube channel, Tuesday (31/8), reported by Merdeka.com.

With the petition to boycott her from television, Ayu Ting Ting was made to think. In his mind, there is always a ‘question’ about where the fault lies.

“I thought, oh my God, what’s wrong with me? I’m looking for money for my family, I’ve never bothered people’s lives on TV, I’ve never nudged people,” he said.

Plus, Ayu feels that her circle of friends is small, not as big or as big as other celebrities.

“My friend can be measured. Yes, you (Ivan Gunawan), Ruben Onsu, Wendy,” continued Ayu, to her friend Igun who was in the same car with her.

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