Believe me, comfort is the main thing, so don’t be busy looking for almost perfect

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There is no need to look for the perfect or near perfect partner, because you will never find one.

In a definite relationship the value is a sense of comfort, if comfort is the basis of the heart then feelings of love and affection will follow by itself.

Comfort is the main thing to look for in a relationship, because it is comfortable that will be the basis of a deficiency that exists in a partner is no longer a problem.

Even though there are shortcomings between the two, surely complaining will never happen, because that sense of comfort will make both of them understand each other and realize that nothing is perfect in this world.

Then look for the one who can make you feel comfortable with him, because if you have a sense of comfort underlying the heart, then to understand each other will always be easy.

And look at those who have been together for years, surely the reason for surviving is comfort. Whether it’s mutual understanding, the way he understands each other, or even the way he holds each other loyal.

That sense of comfort will always make you soften to succumb when something happens in the relationship because the selfishness that suddenly comes greets togetherness.

That sense of comfort will later make you more patient in dealing with any problems that appear unexpectedly in your relationship with him.

That sense of comfort is what will make you happy every time, even though you are still in a simple life.

That’s why there are words that say that living together with people who always understand us even in a state of complete deprivation will still be beautiful in taste, rather than living in luxury but with people who don’t understand and care about us.

So, look for the one that can make you feel comfortable, and believe me that feeling of comfort will beat other feelings, because first you will feel happy.

That sense of comfort will bring you to the stage of loving sincerely, caring with all your soul, and being loyal regardless of time and place.


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