Cause of Penalty, Coach Ansan Greeners Reluctant to Blame Asnawi Mangkualam Bahar | 1NEWS

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Ansan Greeners coach Kim Gil-sik was reluctant to blame Asnawi Mangkualam Bahar as the cause of the penalty for Busan IPark when the two teams drew 1-1 at Ansan Wa Stadium, Sunday (13/9) night WIB.

Busan was awarded a penalty after Asnawi violated Choi Jun in the forbidden box. An Byung-jun who was trusted as the penalty taker successfully carried out his duties, so Busan took the lead with a 1-0 score in the 49th minute.

This penalty started with the struggle for the ball between Choi Jun and Yeon Jei-min on the right side of Ansan’s defense. Apart from the duel with Jei-min, Choin Jun dribbled into the penalty box.

Choi Geon-joo then tried to stop Choi Jun’s penetration, but failed. Asnawi, who was near Choi Jun, then tackled the foot of the player numbered 21, so the referee mercilessly awarded a penalty to the visitors.

“It seems that there was a communication problem with Yeon Jei-min in the penalty incident. I don’t think he was directly involved,” Gil-sik told the Sports-G page.

“Asnawi’s position at the back is unstable, so there are some dangerous sectors. But I think the game has gone well. It will get better with time.”

Last night was a bad day for Asnawi. In addition to being the cause of a penalty for the opposing team, Asnawi had to be withdrawn when the match was running for an hour due to an injury.

“His hamstring needs to be checked,” Gil-sik says curtly.

Before the match which was witnessed by the South Korean national team coach Paulo Bento, Gil-sik stated that he would put Asnawi as a full-back rather than a winger. The decision was taken after he and Asnawi spoke in a training session. Gil-sik also asked Asnawi to actively assist in the attack, even though he was placed as a defender.

“A crisis is an opportunity. This is our home, and there is no victory [di delapan laga sebelumnya]. But if we defend, it could be a bad situation. On the other hand, we will be more aggressive,” explained Gil-sik as reported by Chosun Ilbo.

“There is pressure at the back, but I hope Asnawi will be aggressive. We talked about defensive positions in a recent meeting. That would cover it well.”

The draw made Ansan go through nine consecutive games without a win. They only got three draws, and six defeats, so they slipped to eighth place, or two steps better than the bottom position.

“We are winless in nine games. I think I need to talk about my future with the club, because I am responsible for all those results,” Gil-sik said. (


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