Different Beliefs with Atmanagara Interests, Catra Felder: My Mother Respects Differences

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1NEWS – Minati Atmanagara’s son, Catra Felder married Stephani Defirstta through Catholic church procedures. Their wedding took place at the Chapel of the FM (Regina Pacis) Sisters in Bogor, West Java, last Sunday (22/8). Also witnessing the Catra family, including her mother, Minati Atmanagara, and her sister, a former child artist, Cantika Felder. Both have different beliefs with Catra.

Catra Felder followed the beliefs of her father, Alexander Felder. Meanwhile, Minati Atmanagara and Cantika are Muslims. Even though they are different, said Catra on his wife’s Tiktok account, Sunday (22/9), they respect and appreciate each other.

“How come her mother is different? Yes, it’s possible. Because we decided to be different and my mother respects differences. My mother sticks to her beliefs, I also stick to my beliefs. We respect each other, support each other,” said Catra while showing a photo album when he was baptized Catholic when he was in elementary school.

“There’s nothing wrong and everything is as it should be. That’s not really tolerance, we should as fellow human beings respect each other and respect each other’s differences. Learn to accept differences,” he continued wisely.

Catra Felder and Stephani’s wedding is in the spotlight. Interested Atmanagara, who has been known to be a Muslim, married his son in a Catholic church. The public also wonders, what is Minati’s true belief? Could it be that Catra changed her faith in order to marry Stephani? Catra answered a series of questions straightforwardly.

“We (Catra and Stephani) are of the same faith, I have been baptized since elementary school. This is where I follow the catechism (the period before a Christian or Catholic receives baptism). I go to a Catholic school. Yes, I have been a Catholic since childhood. And we don’t have any who changed religions. So there is no need to question it anymore,” Catra, showing a photo of herself attending the catechism.

“So, there’s no need to question it anymore. It’s clear. I’ve explained it to my husband. So basically we haven’t changed religions. We’re both Catholics. And we accept the Catholic Sacrament of Marriage,” said Stephani, wearing a dress designed by Chintami Atmanagara. on her wedding day.


Writer Indra Kurniawan

Editor Suyanto Soemohardjo


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