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1NEWS – Doctor Boyke Reveals Facts About Satisfying Women, Aawwww

Sexologist Doctor Boyke Dian Nugraha SpOG MARS uncovers surprising facts related to what teenagers often do to satisfy themselves.

Regardless of the genre, whether they are women or men, it turns out that many teenagers have a habit of finding ways to give satisfaction to themselves.

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According to him, this habit was created because of adult reading or spectacle, so it greatly affects the fantasy of teenagers.
Because of this, many of today’s teenagers are motivated and try what they watch.

Doctor Boyke explained that 68 percent of young women are interested in satisfying themselves.

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Meanwhile, married women have a desire to satisfy themselves 42 percent.

Doctor Boyke revealed, that satisfying yourself will not be a problem.

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In fact, men at a young and unmarried age tend to seek their own satisfaction, so this is considered natural.

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