Elina Joerg Exists in Brother Hud’s Video Clip Unrequited Love

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1NEWS – After a long hiatus, Hud Idrus is back in the music industry. The return of the former personnel of The Junas Monkey indicates that his enthusiasm for work has not been extinguished.

There is something different about this project. Hud Idrus collaborated with a musician named Afif Fulhaq. This collaboration was named Brother Hud.

“Brother Hud itself has the meaning of a close brotherhood that complements each other and will also provide the best dish for music lovers,” said Hud Idrus.

Brother Hud gave birth to a song called Unrequited Love which tells about a complex relationship. “This first single is very meaningful, the conflict is also very good, according to Hud and Afif’s personal experience, so it tells a relationship that has prejudice in it,” he explained.

Brother Hud took soap opera actress Elina Joerg as the model for the video clip. “Incidentally, I also have a project together with Elina Joerg in the soap opera Terpakasa Menikahi Tuan Muda, I think that Elina’s character fits a woman in this video clip,” he added.

Hud explained why he chose Elina Joerg. One of them is because they already know each other because they have starred in the same soap opera. “Our Chamistery has been formed once, whether in a project or not, the point is that it fits Elina very well,” he said.

According to Hud, this debut single was well received by a number of fans and closest friends. In fact, the song Cinta Without Replies has become one of the backsounds for soap operas. “Yes, thank God, this song is believed to be the back sound for the soap opera that I lived with Elina Joerg, I was happy and didn’t expect it. Afif is also one of the best singers, so Hud is really excited to make the best work in the future,” he said.


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