Facts about the discovery of the body of a family buried in piles of clothes in Banjarmasin | 1NEWS

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Chronology of Body Findings

Alfian explained, the results of the investigation stated that the body of one family was found on Friday, September 10, 2021, at 9.30 pm. The location of the discovery of the body is on Jalan Ratu Zaleha Dewanta 2, RT.19 RW.02, Karang Mekar Village, East Banjarmasin District.

The three victims were identified as Akhmad Subari, 42 years old, Sela Pujita, 33 years old, and a child aged 6 years. This family is a resident of Jalan KS Tubun, Teluk Kelayan, South Banjarmasin District.

According to Alfian, this finding began when residents came to a house on Jalan Ratu Zaleha Dewanta 2. At that time, the gate was locked,

Residents saw a motorcycle parked in front of the house, as well as sandals of the victims. From there, residents assumed the victim was in the house.

Some residents took the initiative to call the victim from outside but there was no answer. Then, residents contacted the victim’s child in Pelaihari and asked him to bring the key to the fence and the house.

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