For the sake of his son’s birthday gift, this father is willing to sell his rickshaw, the story is touching – 1NEWS

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This father’s story is truly inspiring. He is willing to sell the only rickshaw that has accompanied him to earn a living to buy a birthday present for his son.

This story about the struggle of Muji, a man from Banyuwangi, East Java, was viral because he wanted to sell his only rickshaw to increase the cost of buying his son a birthday present in the form of a cellphone.

This statement was quoted from a TikTok upload some time ago in a video packaged in an interview session using the Javanese language.

Muji is seen sitting alone in front of a building peddling a green-painted rickshaw with a red roof. There was a brown cardboard that said ‘SALE’ perched on the pedicab’s seat.

The man in the brown hat confided that he did not have the money to prepare his son’s birthday present.

“I’m still confused, Mr. My son wants a birthday but there is no money. He said he wanted to ask for HP,” said Muji.

He said that after the rickshaw was sold, Muji would work odd jobs to meet the needs of his family.

The video then provoked netizen comments. Many of them regretted the behavior of the child who was too selfish to ask for a cellphone and caused his father’s rickshaw to be sold.

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