Former KPK Investigator Stepanus Robin Charged with Accepting Bribes of IDR 11.025 Billion and US$ 36,000

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Eks Penyidik KPK Stepanus Robin Didakwa Terima Suap Rp 11,025 Miliar dan 36.000 Dollar AS

Ex-Investigator of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) Stepanus Robin Pattuju was charged with asking for Rp 11.025 billion and US$ 36,000.

In the inaugural trial at the Jakarta Corruption Court (Tipikor), the KPK Public Prosecutor (JPU) accused Robin of receiving the money to handle five cases of alleged corruption.

The KPK Public Prosecutor Lie Putra Setiawan explained that Robin was the main one.

“Dагі M Syahrial ејυmӏаһ IDR 1.695 billion, Azis Syamsuddin and Aliza Gunado in the amount of IDR 3,099,887,000 and USD 36,000,” said аkѕа аӏа during the trial, Monday (13/9/2021) quoted by агі аntага.

It is known that M Syahrial is the inactive mayor of Tanjungbalai who is investigating the defendant in the case of selling illegal land at the Tanjungbalai City Government.

In fact, Azis Syamsuddin and Aliza Gunado are cadres of the Gоӏkаг Party. Azis also serves as deputy chairman of the DPR for the 2019-2024 period.

Meanwhile, the prosecutor also said that Robin received money from the non-active Cimahi mayor Ajay Muhammad Priatna of Rp. 507.39 million, and the director of PT Tenjo ауа Usman Effendi of Rp. 525 million.

Finally, he continued, the money stuck to Robin from the former regent of Kutai Kartanegara, Rita Widyasari.

“And from Rita Widyasari ејυmӏаһ 5,197,800,000,” said аkѕа.

The prosecutor said that the money was given to Robin and the other defendant in this case, lawyer Maskur Husain, to take care of the corruption case that is being handled by the KPK.

“So that the defendant and Maskur Husain can ask them to deal with cases or cases at the KPK,” added the prosecutor.

Meanwhile, Stepanus Robin and Maskur Husain have been named as suspects in connection with the alleged bribery in handling cases in the city of Tanjungbalai in 2020-2021.

Both were named suspects by the KPK because they were suspected of receiving bribes from the inactive city of Tanjungbalai, M Syahrial.

However, investigations continue to be carried out to investigate this particular case and it is suspected that it may also accept bribes from other litigants.

Robin suddenly has been dismissed with dishonor as the KPK does. In a trial convened by the KPK Supervisory Board (Dewas), last 31 May, he was declared to have accepted a bribe of Rp. 10.4 billion while appraising the KPK.


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