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Vicky Shu’s ‘what’s wrong’ comment on the video of women fighting

Dream – A viral video of two women fighting at a restaurant has caught the attention. The reason for the commotion was suspected to be just because they looked at each other.

From the language spoken by the two women, it seems that the video was taken in an area in Central Java.

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“Where’s the voice in Puwokerto, which is viral, yes, two girls are making a fuss at one of the cafes in Purwokerto. They say it’s noisy because they’re looking at each other,” wrote the gossip account Lambe_Turah who uploaded the video.

This video then stole the attention of a beautiful artist who was pregnant with her second child, Vicky Shu. Vicky, an artist from Cilacap, Central Java, admitted that he felt sad and embarrassed to see this video. Vicky also put a comment on the post.

Jaaannn mbakayuneeee, it’s okay, people are okay. Ayu Ayu deneng emotional. Kencot or kepriwe jal? It’s better if you pray for the food, sis. Nyong delenge tulih isin. Wong plate R has to get along, don’t be as emotional as you are. Peace, mbakayune. ❤️❤️ Kehh mbutil2kuu deleng @worodharu @hitori.hiroyuki Grumontol really mbok.” Write the official account @vickyshu.

That’s roughly what it means.

“Beautiful lady, don’t shame people. Beautiful but emotional. What are you hungry for? It’s better if you eat it first Ms. mba,” said Vicky Shu, who wrote in Javanese.

It’s clear, Vicky Shu’s commentary that speaks in an awkward language actually stole the attention of netizens from his main upload.

“Sad not to understand what Vicky shu said,” said yuliaazrani account.

“This is funnier reading Ms. Vicky’s comments, said the account dianchristianwijaya.


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