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Young, handsome, and rich, the combination seems to only exist in drama stories. But apparently not, in the real world there are also figures like that. Call it Eric Tse, this young man born in 1995 is one of the richest people in the world. Although currently only 26 years old, Eric already has a wealth of around 53 trillion.

This amount is of course not kidding, if according to Business Insider Singapore, this wealth even exceeds the former president of the United States Donald Trump. Could be a man who is super rich like that, who exactly is this Eric Tse? Here’s the review.

Who is Eric Tse?

Being one of the richest people in the world, of course many are curious about who Eric Tse really is. He is the son of the founding partner of Sino Biopharmaceutical Ltd., Tse Ping and his wife Cheng Cheung Lin. Erick was born in the city of Seattle, Washington, United States.

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Even though he was born in America, Eric prefers to study in Beijing, while in high school, Eric studied in Hong Kong. He attended the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania with a major in finance. For postgraduate studies, Eric studied at Beijing Tsinghua University and has now earned a master’s degree.

Where did his wealth come from?

Previously, Eric Tse had trending on the internet and was touted as the richest man overnight. It was actually not something instant, Eric got his parents’ gift worth 53 trillion.

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Eric also has a sister named Theresa Tse, who also works as chairman of the company. Eric holds a 21.5% stake in Sino Biopharmaceutical Ltd, while his sister Theresa Tse has 11%.

Already an executive director

With all his family background and education, it doesn’t seem unusual for Eric Tse to be appointed as executive director and a member of the company’s executive board committee. Eric appears as a director on at least five other boards of companies in Hong Kong.

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In his personal Instagram account @erictse0816, he also often takes pictures with important figures such as Rihanna, Bella Hadid, basketball player Yao Ming, Lily Aldrigde, and many others.

Don’t want to stand out too much

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Being a rich man like Dao Ming Tse in the Meteor Garden series, in fact, Eric Tse’s personality is inversely proportional to the main character in the drama. Instead of being arrogant and wanting to always be the center of attention, Eric actually tries to keep a low profile and not participate in the inclusion of individuals in global fortunes. Eric actually explained that the wealth was considered to come from the Tse Ping family.

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Those are some reviews about Eric Tse, Young Master Dao Ming Tse in the real world. Young, rich and handsome, apparently not only in dramas. It is only natural that Eric Tse is currently the target of women from various parts of the world.

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