Highlighting the Reshuffle Issue, Observers Call PAN a Factor…

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1NEWS – Director of Political and Public Policy Studies (P3S) Jerry Massie gave his response regarding the issue of President Joko Widodo’s (Jokowi) cabinet reshuffle.

Not without reason, according to Jerry, the entry of the National Mandate Party (PAN) is a strong signal to change ministers.

“The first option is that the entry of PAN into Jokowi’s carriage is a strong indication that the cabinet will be dismantled,” said Jerry to 1NEWS, Monday (13/9).

He also predicts the reshuffle will occur in late September or early October 2021.

According to Jerry, Jokowi will remove several ministers who are weak in dealing with Covid-19.

“Jokowi is waiting for the right moment to reshuffle the cabinet. However, the public wants this to be implemented as soon as possible,” he said.

Jerry also suspects that there will be a change of ministers since the party submitted the names of its candidates.

“Either replace the old one, or maintain. This is an exchange system in the cabinet,” he said.

On the other hand, Executive Director of National Political Studies (KPN) Adib Miftahul hopes that President Jokowi will fill ministerial positions with professionals.

Because, according to him, people who are professionals in their fields do not have a conflict of interest that is too high compared to party people.

“I think this is very important, because the impact of this pandemic is not only about the economy, but also in the social sector,” said Adib.

Adib also considered the economy to be very essential.

Therefore, Jokowi must choose ministers who have fast movements.

“The longer the repairs will lead to political stability which is not good for economic stability and security,” he said.

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