Iis Dahlia’s house is 17 billion, Installments to the bank 250 million per month, now dizzy because there is no job

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Dangdut singer Iis Dahlia is known to have recently moved into her new luxurious house.

Naturally, because Iis Dahlia is famous for having many jobs, both performing as a singer, judging singing competitions, hosting TV shows, and being a guest star.

The singer Iis Dahlia is known to be very rich, no wonder her house is very luxurious and beautiful.

It is estimated that once a gig in an off air event, Iis Dahlia charges a fee of between Rp. 40 million to Rp. 50 million.

Not to mention, her husband who is a pilot of a famous airline.

As is known, Iis has dependents to repay the money to the bank, after being desperate to buy a luxury house worth Rp 17 billion.

Unmitigated, in a month, Iis can deposit up to Rp 250 million to the bank.

This was also confirmed by the wife of Satrio Dewandono when attending Brownis, which was later uploaded to the TRANS TV Official Youtube channel, on May 23, 2019.

Initially, this dangdut diva got a question from Ruben Onsu about her new house.

“Mama Iis Dahlia is a hard worker, did she buy her own house or with her husband?” asked Ruben Onsu to Iis.

“It’s the same husband. Actually, it’s a bit reckless, how much savings my man and I have, but buying a house like that, now finally it’s like the 1st, I want to make a deposit, “said Iis.

Therefore, in 2019, Iis was never absent as a performer at the sahur event. The opposite actually happened this year.

In the midst of the corona virus pandemic, many television stations have stopped production activities, following the Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) regulations implemented by the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government.

The two children’s dancers also admitted that they were lonely at work.

Iis Dahlia was even confused about the fate of the installments that must be deposited into the bank every month.

“People with different economic levels have different needs and the installments are also different,” said Iis as quoted by Grid.ID from the Wartakota page.

“I was hit (influenced), really hit me. I’ve only been in debt for one year,” he added.

Every month, Iis admits that he has to pay a house installment of Rp. 250 million to the bank, even though he is currently out of work.

“My monthly bill is IDR 250 million, if I’m unemployed for 4 months it’s already IDR 1 billion, I have to pay it to the bank.

“Banks also cannot be stopped,” he concluded.


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