It’s sad to see his sister, grandpa and grandma can’t eat, this kid is willing to work as a laborer – 1NEWS

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“I can’t bear to see grandpa, grandma, and you not eating,” Nova whispered

Nova (15) became an orphan several years ago. He lives with his sister and grandparents. So that his small family can continue to eat, Nova becomes a laborer at a wholesaler. Nova picks up and delivers ordered goods using the wholesaler’s motorbike. In a day his salary is 15-20 thousand rupiah.

Nova’s sister is 9 years old. Nova who looks after and takes care of her sister everyday. His grandfather was old and frail so he could no longer work. Meanwhile, Nova’s grandmother has even lost one leg due to her grandmother’s leprosy. Only Nova can find extra money for the family.

His father migrated out of town. A month, his father sends 300 thousand. But the money is only enough for Nova and her sister’s school fees. So inevitably Nova works. Nova usually works after school, he immediately comes to the wholesaler to carry goods or whatever the wholesale owner orders.

“It’s okay, I work at a wholesaler, I can’t bear to see grandpa, grandma, and you not eating. I also feel sorry for the sick grandmother, I can’t do much for them,” Nova whispered.

Grandpa Nova is also sad to see his grandson working after school. After work, Nova also helps her sister’s schoolwork. “Grandpa can no longer work. Grandpa is lucky to have a grandson like Nova. He doesn’t bother him at all, instead he helps the family so they can continue to eat,” said Nova’s grandfather.

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