KPK Shows Performance After Getting Report D from ICW

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1NEWS, The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) responded to the bad report on corruption eradication embedded in the Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW). No kidding, the KPK immediately revealed the results of its performance.

“KPK appreciates all parties who are concerned with the issue of eradicating corruption and provide report cards or assessments on the performance of institutions authorized to carry out these tasks,” said Acting KPK Spokesperson Ali Fikri in a statement to the media, Monday (13/9/2021).

Even so, according to Ali, the assessment should refer to valid data and information. So that when it is presented to the public it does not cause misperceptions.

Ali added, as a form of transparency and accountability to the public, the KPK has publicly conveyed its performance during the first semester of 2021, starting from the implementation of the functions of prevention, prosecution, and anti-corruption education.

In carrying out its enforcement function, the KPK has carried out 77 investigations, 35 investigations, 53 prosecutions, and 35 case executions.

“From 35 Sprindiks, the KPK has named 50 suspects with a total asset recovery of Rp 171.23 billion,” he added.

In addition, said Ali, the KPK through coordination and supervision activities with local governments also managed to save potential state losses of Rp 22.27 trillion.

Ali emphasized that in the prevention function, in supporting the acceleration of handling the COVID-19 pandemic, the KPK was actively involved in providing input on the preparation of policy formulations including the provision of social assistance, the Micro Business Productive Banpres Program (BPUM), wage subsidy assistance, electricity subsidies, and Pre-Employment Cards.

“KPK is also proactive in ensuring programs in the health sector such as claims for hospitals that handle Covid-19 patients, incentives for health workers, and vaccinations at the Ministry of Health,” he said.

Ali explained the KPK’s recommendation to combine three databases, namely data on families receiving the Family Hope Program (PKH) at the Directorate General of PFM of the Ministry of Social Affairs, data on recipients of Non-Cash Food Assistance (BPNT) at the Directorate General of Social Welfare, and Integrated Data on Social Welfare (DTKS) at the Pusdatin. -Secretary General of the Ministry of Social Affairs, managed to delete 52.5 million duplicate or inactive data.

So if it is assumed that the recipient receives assistance per recipient of Rp. 200 thousand per month, or Rp. 10.5 trillion per month, then the state’s financial rescue is Rp. 126 trillion per year.

According to Ali, since the establishment of this institution until today, the implementation of tasks at the KPK has been carried out in a team and we are also trying to integrate prevention efforts, anti-corruption education and prosecution.

“That way, the stability and continuity of the KPK’s performance can still be maintained in various situations, conditions and challenges,” he said.

Therefore, the KPK needs to invite the public to continue to provide support to efforts to eradicate corruption, because eradicating corruption is not only a matter of providing a deterrent effect to the perpetrators, but also how to optimize recovery and prevention of state financial losses.

“As well as instilling anti-corruption values ​​for long-term investment for our next generation,” he concluded.

Previously, ICW assessed that the KPK’s performance throughout the first semester of 2021 was poor. Of the total enforcement targets, the KPK was only able to realize 22 percent.

ICW researcher, Lalola Easter said, while the target for handling corruption cases by the KPK in the first semester was 60 cases. This brought the KPK into the category D or bad rating.

“It can be concluded that the KPK’s performance in the January-June 2021 period was poor,” said Lalola Easter in a press conference broadcast on the Friends of ICW Youtube channel, Sunday (12/9/2021).[]


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