Maia Estianty’s Passport Finally Used Again, Tissa Biani Soon to Follow

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1NEWS – The Covid-19 pandemic forced Maia Estianty to be unable to travel abroad. After completing the jury contracts in the talent search event, Irwan Mussry’s wife finally reused her passport to go to Uncle Sam’s country.

Maia Estianty and Irwan Mussry had long ago revealed their plans to go to the United States. In a video uploaded on Maia AlElDul TV’s YouTube channel on July 27, 2021, Irwan leaked September 12, 2021 as the date of departure to America. Maia said she wanted to stay in the Berkeley, California, area for 3-4 months.

Today, Sunday (12/9), Maia and Irwan went to America. The happy news of the departure was shared by Mother Al, El, and Dul through their Instagram accounts. In the uploaded photo, Maia is wearing a red long-sleeved shirt combined with jeans, sitting on the bench of Irwan’s private jet.

“Yeehaaawww… Finally the egg broke, the passport was used again…. So happy… After a long pandemic… and finished the contracts as a judge… Bye bye Indonesia!!! I went to Hawaii and LA first,” said Maia Estianty in the caption section.

The Indonesian Idol and Sing Like Mama judges thanked her husband for taking her away to forget for a moment from the routine work that she was responsible for. Al and Dul plan to follow Maia and Irwan after their visas are issued.

“Will miss you guys. All right, yes,” the former frontman duo Ratu ordered.

Congratulations to the destination written by netizens in the comments column accompanying Maia’s departure. One of them comes from Dul Jaelani’s lover, Tissa Diani. He also said he would soon follow Maia there.

“Safe flight bun!! Wait for me there (emoticon 3 red hearts) to come!!! God willing,” said Tissa Biani. “Ready,” replied Maia.

Tissa Biani recently expressed readiness to go to America next October. He looked very enthusiastic. Because, he will go with his lover.


Writer Indra Kurniawan

Editor Suyanto Soemohardjo


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