Marlina is said to be not the wife of Taqy Malik’s father, lawyer: Traditionally married, divorced – 1NEWS

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Taqy Malik's father photo: Screen Shoot

Mansyardin Malik’s lawyer, Halim Darmawan, said that Taqy Malik’s father was married traditionally to a woman named Marlina Oktoria Kawuwung. According to Halim, Taqy’s father has already made a divorce statement and will give the letter to Marlina.

It was previously known that Marlina suddenly appeared and claimed to be the wife of Taqy Malik’s father. Marlina’s appearance intended to report Taqy Malik’s father to the police on suspicion of sexual misconduct. What is the full explanation like? Check out the following reviews.

Taqy Malik and Marlina’s father

Taqy Malik’s father, Mansyardin Malik, through his lawyer, Halim Darmawan, opened up about the news circulating. According to Halim, Sherel Talib’s father-in-law judged that it was true that his client was married to a woman named Marlina. However, Halim explained that Taqy’s father considered Marlina to lead a one-sided life. He then hoped that Marlina would make peace.

“He replied that I was married to Islam, and I saw that the letter was with a woman named Marlina. What’s the problem, I asked, saying that he lives one-sidedly, the problem is that if we live our lives in a right and calm way, it’s good, if he wants to make peace, we are willing to mediate,” said Halim Darmawan, lawyer for Mansyardin Malik. 09/21).

Taqy Malik’s father photo: Screen Shoot

When asked about the truth of Mansyardin marrying Marlina in a serial manner, Halim denied it. He said that Mansyardin married Marlina in a traditional way.

“There are no characteristics of a siri marriage, what is clear is that he married in a traditional way. Many people say this is a serial marriage, even though there is no siri here, there is only traditional marriage, religious marriage, which I see there is a letter,” he said.

Taqy and Marlina’s father’s marriage is in danger of breaking up. The reason is according to Halim, Taqy’s father has written a divorce statement on September 6, 2021 and will give the letter to Marlina.

“He made a separation statement as well. I didn’t even ask how many wives he was, how did he come from, I just asked ‘why did this happen in public and there were problems with bad conversations’. The divorce was announced on September 6 verbally, then he also made a statement and he will send the letter to his ex-wife. He got married this July,” he said.

Taqy’s father committed sexual perversion?

Previously, Marlina suddenly appeared and expressed her disappointment with Taqy Malik’s father because he had not been introduced to his family even though he had been married for two months. The 34-year-old woman also admitted to being a victim of sexual deviance and reported this problem to her family after leaving home.

“My sister has just learned religion and is still easily fooled. He knows that Abi understands religion, and he said he would be guided,” said Fanca, Marlina’s sister.

Taqy Malik and Marlina's father
Taqy Malik and Marlina’s father. Photo Source: Instagram

So far, Taqy Malik’s father is known as a religious figure. However, Fanca considered that Taqy’s father’s actions were inhumane and violated Islamic norms and teachings.

“I’m sad about it, my sister is in a state of menstruation, she is like that. Where is his mind? If he is human, he is Muslim, he has faith it should not be like that, this is clearly inhumane,” concluded Marlina’s sister, the wife of Taqy Malik’s father.

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