Masyaallah.. This boy calls for Azan every day for the healing of his father who was in a coma for 3 years due to an accident..

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The efforts of Raden Nabil Zakiyudin R. Zakarian, an 11-year-old boy from Malaysia, to heal his father touched the hearts of netizens.

The boy who is fondly called Nabil always reads the holy verses of the Koran and recites the call to prayer beside his father to get well soon.

For the past three years, Nabil has never stopped reading holy verses and chanting the call to prayer after his father became ill due to a traffic accident.

Nabil used the call to prayer as an effort to heal his father, R. Zakariya R. Abdul Hamid, 51 years old.

Nabil’s father fell into a coma after a traffic accident that damaged his nerves.

According to the youngest of four siblings, his efforts to recite the call to prayer are not comparable to the sacrifices of his father who has raised him all this time.

Nabil does the routine of reading the holy verses and reciting the call to prayer before and after school.

Nabil wants his father to get well soon so he can accompany him to pray in congregation at the mosque like in previous days.

Prior to this, Nabil was trusted to recite the call to prayer from the administrator of the mosque located in front of his house.

Responding Through Eye Movement

Nabil’s ability to recite the call to prayer is unquestionable.


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