MD Pictures Gets Prilly Latuconsina and Umay Shahab to Work on a Film About Mental Health

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1NEWS – The production house MD Pictures consistently produces quality content with the best stars and directors to continue to build a strong ecosystem. Not long ago, MD Picturea officially collaborated with Prilly Latuconsina and Umay Shahab to work on a drama film entitled Kukira Kau Rumah with the theme of mental health.

“I believe that collaboration is one of the keys to being able to create a good business ecosystem, in order to always produce

quality products that provide premium entertainment,” said Manoj Punjabi, CEO of PT MD Pictures Tbk in a press release received by reporters last weekend.

This time, Prilly Latuconsina is working behind the scenes, serving as a producer, while Umay Shahab is a director. Not without reason, mental health was appointed because it is considered important in life. Moreover, films with a moral message on mental health have received less attention from filmmakers.

“We chose this issue because we want people to be more concerned with mental health. Mental health is as important as physical health. Until now, many people underestimate mental health and do not understand how to handle people with mental disorders,” said Prilly Latuconsina, Monday ( 13/9).

Until now, he continued, many people underestimate mental health and do not know how to deal with people with mental disorders.

“People immediately give the label ‘crazy’ to people who have mental disorders. Mental health can also cause death,” said Umay Shahab.

Prilly Latuconsina is sure that she can convey the message in her film with Umay Shahab to the audience.

“Umay and I also believe that conveying this message through films will be more effective and have a greater impact,” concluded Prilly Latuconsina.


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