Medina Ulama are sick of seeing Indonesian Hajj pilgrims: Not worship, even photos – 1NEWS

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Sheikh Solomon.  Ist's photo.

The great scholar from Medina, Sheikh Prof. Dr. Sulaiman Ar-Ruhaili or best known as Sheikh Sulaiman talked about the bad habits of Indonesians when performing the pilgrimage in the Holy Land. Because, instead of praying or worshiping, they are more engrossed in taking photos.

Sheikh Sulaiman indirectly explained, the moment of the pilgrimage should be used as well as possible to seek goodness, not even showing off here and there. In fact, when the lecturer was delivering da’wah at the Prophet’s Mosque, there were some Indonesian congregations who did not listen.

Instead, they are busy taking selfies or personal photos to share with people who know them.

“There is no doubt that the human tendency to take pictures is becoming more and more clear, even in the Prophet’s mosque, when the katib is giving a lecture, it’s even like this (selfie),” said Sheikh Sulaiman, quoted from Suara, Monday, September 13, 2021.

Sheikh Solomon. Ist’s photo.

Furthermore, the Professor at the Islamic University of Medina added that many people do take pictures while performing the hajj, but this is certainly not good. Because, their purpose in coming to the Holy Land should be to worship, not to capture the moment of traveling.

Sheikh Sulaiman was surprised to see Indonesian pilgrims

In fact, Sheikh Sulaiman recounted that once he met an Indonesian pilgrim who was posing for prayer, then one of his friends took a picture of him. This, he said, was a big lie. He pretended to pray just for the sake of the photo.

“In fact, they lied while praying, asking other people for help ‘hey take a picture of me’ while demonstrating prayer movements. It’s a lie to pray, even though you don’t pray,” he explained.

Hajj pilgrimage in 2020. Photo: Ist
Hajj pilgrimage in 2020. Photo: Ist

Usually, after taking a lot of pictures, the photos are then shared or shown to others. Shahdan, they will think, the pilgrims really pray while in the Holy Land.

“As soon as they return to Indonesia, they display their photos and they show it off to people, as if they were praying at the Prophet’s Mosque,” he said.

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