Medina Zein Reported Regarding Chaotic Sale and Purchase of Bags Allegedly KW

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Celebrity Marissya Icha police Medina Zein to Polda Metro Jaya, Monday (13/9/2021).

Medina Zein was reported to Polda Metro Jaya by celebrity celebrity Marissya Icha. Medina Zain reported for defamation.

“Today we are making a police report that Marissya immediately reported, related to the criminal act of defamation through social media. The reported party is MZ,” said Marissya Icha’s lawyer, Ahmad Ramzy, to reporters at the Metro Jaya Police, Jakarta, Monday (13/9/2021).

Ramzy said that the defamation was carried out by Medina Zein through his Instagram account or Snapgram. Only, Ramzy did not explain in detail about the serious defamation.

“Such a nice name, so the words will have a similar element of a good name later on to investigators,” he said.

Celebrity Marissya Icha polices Medina Zein to Polda Metro Jaya. (Yogi Ernes/detikcom)

On the same occasion, Marissya explained that initially she revealed the alleged victim of Medina Zein who was tricked into selling bags. branded. But then Marissya was still slandered.

“Watch out, first of all, if the victim didn’t accept my post and the sis didn’t accept it and covered it up in a physical way, it hurts to not accept it. even though the victims were many and he covered the problem with my slander and harmed me and brought the names of my brother and my son with terrible language,” he said.

Marissya revealed that she initially had a problem with Medina Zein regarding bags branded suspected аӏѕυ.

“The problem at first was that I had a problem with MZ serving social media, there were things he gave and the checks he gave were really unhelpful what he gave and I didn’t defam. got to ауа to my family,” he explained.

Marissya Icha’s statement is contained in the video report numbered LP/B/4517/IX/2021/SPKT Polda metro jaya, 13 September 2021. In the report, Medina Zein was reported on suspicion of article 310 and 311 of the Criminal Code regarding slander and defamation.


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