Mulan Jameela Angry Until Ahmad Dhani slaps many times, at first relaxed together

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While sitting relaxed together looking at the scenery, Ahmad Dhani suddenly made his beloved wife, Mulan Jameela unbelievably upset. Mulan even slapped Dhani many times because of her anger. I wonder why?

Apparently this was because Dhani surprised Mulan by keeping a lizard-like animal from Australia, the Bearded Dragon, on Mulan’s shoulder. Mulan was afraid and immediately moved away from her husband.

The moment is known from Dhani’s video upload on the Instagram page. Mulan was really scared until she finally sat away from Dhani. However, in contrast to their son who seemed relaxed holding the animal.

Dhani seems to really want to prank Mulan. Turns out, the prank worked because Mulan was really scared and upset. He was so angry that he slapped Dhani several times.

“What the hell?,” said Mulan.

“Prank. Madame is being pranked,” Dhani said.

Excited Netizens

Seeing the togetherness of Dhani and Mulan, many netizens said they were excited and happy. They are called the ideal couple who are full of happiness.

“Mas Dani and Neng Mulan are the ideal couple, full of happiness,” said @lintar_tegar.

“I’m happy to see you guys happy,” said @liya_pangarepan.

“Happy family,” said @deedee_374.


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