Never appeared due to an accident, Park Min Woo’s Instagram was flooded with fans’ longing

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Park Min Woo's condition after the accident.  Photo: Koreaboo

2021 will be the third year for South Korean actor, Park Min Woo, to disappear after a fatal accident. The burning actor was forced to withdraw to focus on treatment after a motorcycle accident at Dongho Bridge, Seoul.

The 1988-born actor underwent major surgery due to an injury to his head. Reporting from SPOTV NEWS, the accident occurred while he was recently on leave from his military service as a social service worker.

Recently, the father appeared on the small screen to talk about his son’s condition. The father appeared on A Very Special Praise last May.

Min Woo’s father explained that his son was receiving treatment at the hospital due to his physical illness. The father also revealed that the cast of the drama Please Come Back, Mister is getting better. Although he still can’t walk, Min Woo can stand up without the help of others.

A Korean netizen also admitted that his mother had seen the 33-year-old actor in the hospital in a wheelchair.

Park Min Woo’s condition after the accident. Photo: Koreaboo

“My mother saw actor Park Min Woo at the local community health center. The actor is undergoing physical recovery with his father. I heard he was in a wheelchair and he couldn’t walk even though he could stand. That was before COVID-19 so it’s been about a year. I don’t know how much progress he’s made now.” said a Korean netizen.

Fans really miss Park Min Woo

Park Min Woo’s achievements and acting made many fans miss him. Moreover, Min Woo disappeared when he was at the peak of his career.

The longing of fans can be seen in the comments column of the last upload on his Instagram. The last upload was uploaded a day before the unfortunate incident happened to the actor.

“Get well soon and reappear. We miss you so much oppa (Get well soon and reappear. We really miss you oppa),” wrote the account @windy*** today, Monday (13/9/21).

“oppa how are you? (Oppa, how are you?),” wrote the account @mykyuti***** yesterday, Sunday (12/9/21).

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