Not Only Identical Twins, There Are 7 Types Of Twins In The Medical World. What’s Up, Yes?

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For most couples, pregnancy is a gift that is eagerly awaited in marriage. It’s easy to be pregnant with just one baby, and it’s even more special if you get two or more at once. As experienced by celebrities Syahnaz and Irish Bella, who recently held their respective pregnancy prayers.

Now interestingly, it turns out that even though they are from the same womb, it’s not necessarily the case that the twins will look just like their father or mother. It could be that one resembles his father, the other resembles his mother. The reason, the type of twin fetus was not only identical. There are several other types that you may not know about. For more details, let’s see the review Hipwee YoungMom launches from Hello Sehat and the following sources!

1. Identical twins are obtained when an egg is fertilized by a sperm cell. These cells will later divide into two or more so that they are usually the same sex and look alike. Occurrence of three to four out of a thousand pregnancies

Identical twins – credit:

2. Similar to identical twins, mirror twins also come from a single egg fertilized by a single sperm cell. The difference is, the division process occurs relatively slowly and the baby will grow asymmetrically or upside down

Like a mirror, one on the right one on the left/ Credit: Alistair Heap

3. Eggs can be released more than once per month by a woman, if fertilized by different sperm, fraternal twins will occur. Usually his face is not very similar or like a normal brother

Not very similar – credit:

4. Superfecundation twins occur if there is hyperovulation such as two eggs released in a month on different days and fertilized by different sperm even from two different men. So they are also called twins with different fathers

Same mom, different dad – credit:

5. In some cases there are twins of different sexes. There is a genetic mutation that occurs that can make a male fetus lose the Y chromosome so that it will develop into a female fetus. Birth of a baby to a girl at risk for Turner syndrome

Twin boy girl – credit:

6. Conjoined twins are a condition when the fertilized sperm cells and egg cells are not completely separated because the ovum does not completely divide itself. Later there will be one body part that is connected to each other

Siamese twins – credit:

7. As the name suggests, parasitic twins are a type of conjoined twin in which one of the fetuses cannot develop properly and eventually stops growing but is still attached and takes blood from the perfect twin.

Parasitic twins – credit:

8. If the parents are from different races, then fertilization occurs in two different eggs, there is a possibility that the baby born will have different physical characteristics according to the race of the parents

Twins with different races – credit:

It turned out that even though they were born from the same womb at a time that was not much different, twins still had the possibility to have sex to physically not at all similar. Whatever type of twins you are, don’t forget to routinely do ultrasound at least three times during pregnancy so that you can monitor the development of the two fetuses in the womb, yes.


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