Not yet a son-in-law, Ayu Ting Ting’s father dares to ask Ivan Gunawan for 300 million, Netizens warn: Watch your behavior!

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Showing off Wealth, Ayu Ting Ting's father's jokes become the subject of ridicule again

Rozak’s father, Ayu Ting Ting and Umi Kalsum

Ayu Ting Ting’s father, Abdul Rozak, recently often reaps satire from netizens. After the body shaming issue, netizens were shocked by the statement of Ojak’s father in front of Ayu and her friends.

In a video, Ojak’s father was a guest on the “Brownis” show. When discussing a mate for Ayu, Ojak’s father initially mocked Ivan Gunawan, who was considered not to have proposed to his daughter.

Mom and Dad, what are your hopes for Ayu’s birthday?‘ asked Ruben Onsu.

The hope is that you will always be healthy, live long, get the best mate, of course for those who love Bilqis and Ayu. It’s beside Aa’ (Ruben) but don’t you dare,” said Rozak’s father.

Igun laughed when he was teased by Ojak’s father. Shortly after, Igun asked Ojak’s father for permission to take Ayu to London. Unexpectedly, Ojak’s father gave a surprising answer.

Indeed, Ayu wants to live in London. Well it’s okay, the same father and mother can?“Igun asked shyly.

Yes, if my father guarantees IDR 300 million a month,“said Ojak’s father.

Yesterday IDR 100 million Yu,” said Igun to Ayu.

For Ayu 100, Father and Mother 300, Bilqis 200,” said Father Ojak, greeted by laughter from Ayu cs.

Unfortunately, the video even made Ojak’s father even more blasphemed by netizens. Some consider Ojak’s father as the trigger for Ayu to have difficulty getting married, but there are also those who think it is just a joke.

“Rozak’s father’s veins have broken, just fill his brain with money,” wrote a netizen in the comment column.

“Keep your attitude, keep your behavior… so you don’t get blasphemed… don’t provoke netizens,” said another netizen.

“Don’t be arrogant, what your family has is just a deposit,” added another.

Igun also had time to open his voice to dismiss the oblique rumors about Ojak’s father. He emphasized that the conversation was only a joke and did not need to be exaggerated.

Yes, if the money is there, haha. Yes, it’s a joke, if I give you Rp. 300 million a month, I’ll be corrupt again, where do you want to be corrupt?,” answered Igun in South Jakarta, Wednesday (23/6).

Just go for it. Yes, if you have money, when you want to be fussy abroad, life in Jakarta is good, so don’t let it be bad if you go abroad,” continued Igun.

Igun also revealed that he didn’t want to force him to have a match with Ayu. He chose to relax and live as it is.

Let’s just do it, if it’s a mate, it’s the best. Now, just run it, the relationship is just like that, said Igun.

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