Olla Ramlan opens his voice after allegedly removing the hijab, the issue of being expelled by Aufar Hutapea is actually exposed

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Olla Ramlan opens his voice after allegedly removing the hijab, the issue of being expelled by Aufar Hutapea is actually exposed

Olla Ramlan and Aufar Hutapea (Instagram/ollaramlanaufar)

Olla Ramlan was suspected of taking off her hijab while riding a motorcycle. Not only that, Olla also does not seem to always appear closed when he is at home.

He again did the same thing while chatting with the beautiful artist Carissa Putri. During the video call, Olla casually showed herself when her head was not covered by a hijab.

Even so, Olla doesn’t seem bothered and chooses to look beautiful as she is. Instead, she again revealed a wise reaction when her hijab-free appearance was highlighted.

Smile… Not all problems in this world are yours,” wrote Olla while showing off his cool style on the sidelines of shooting practice.

Olla’s positive attitude in the midst of this slanted issue triggered a reaction of admiration.

It’s really, mami.. Best strong, mami olla, dear… Those who make and look for trouble stay away, mami, it’s useless..“said netizens encouragingly.

On the other hand, rumors circulated about the relationship between Olla and her husband, Aufar Hutapea. No longer as intimate as they used to be, the two are suspected of having problems. The official nyai gossip account via YouTube even discussed the allegations that Olla was expelled by Aufar.

Initially, the account leaked a chat allegedly from one of Fitri Salhuteru’s friends. In the chat, the friend indicated that Olla had been expelled.

Olla was expelled when he went to Pelabuhan Ratu but he didn’t say anything, said someone.

Olla said, Olla was expelled, so he was expelled by his husband. So Olla has been expelled, guys,” said the gossip account when commenting on someone’s chat.

It is not known whether it was true that Olla was expelled by Aufar or instead chose to leave her husband. What is clear is that Olla had previously revealed the possibility that she would leave Aufar if her husband was caught doing 2 things that she thought were fatal.

I never banned my husband. One I’m not jealous, the second I never forbid my husband, said Olla.

He can do whatever he wants, but there are limits. One playing hands, second playing girls” he concluded.

On the other hand, Nindy Ayunda was once suspected of gossiping about Aufar playing with a girl. Even Nindy seemed to be flicking Aufar for not having any money until finally Olla was suspected of having an affair.

Aufar doesn’t have a job. Play with girls but have no money,” said a figure who sounded like Nindy when talking to her mother.

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Ask for Rp. 200 thousand (nothing). I’m sorry. Olla is dating the police. Olla has been dating the police for a long time, so who’s going to pay for her luxurious life, uncleh.” continued the chat that was suspected by Nindy Ayunda.


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