Persib argues about Luiz Passos’ license, Bung Towel: I know the chronology | 1NEWS

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Persib Bandung management argued about the license for the goalkeeper coach, Luiz Passos, which did not comply with Liga 1 regulations. Bung Towel also revealed the real facts.

As is known, Persib Bandung tried to ‘outsmart’ the position of Luiz Passos, who incidentally is a goalkeeping coach, into a technical analysis video in the first week of Liga 1.

This is an effort so that Luiz Passos can still accompany the team on the edge of the field, when Persib Bandung faces Barito Putera, Saturday (4/9/21), at the Indomilk Arena Stadium.

Director of PT Persib Bandung Dignity (PT PBB), Teddy Tjahjono admitted that he had a logical reason why Passos could accompany the team even though the license was not up to standard.

“Chronologically, Passos has been in Indonesia for five years and so far the training certificate has always been approved, so far it has not been a problem,” Teddy said to the media.

“Now there is a new regulation from the AFC which states that goalkeeping coaches must be level 1 and given very limited time,” continued Teddy Tjahjono.

This again provoked a football observer, Tommy Welly, to open his voice. Through Gocek Bung Towel’s Youtube video upload, he explained that the regulation hammer knock had been held in June.

“As far as I know, the regulations regarding coaching licenses were set in the Club Licensing Seminar last June. One of the sessions is from the technical field whose commander is the Technical Director Indra Sjafri,” said Bung Towel.

“The one who explained about coaching, the requirement for a coaching license was Yeyen Tumena. He explained the requirements or regulations regarding coaching licenses in League 1 and League 2,” he said.

“All of that was conveyed in June, not close to the competition. But in June, at the Club Licensing Seminar, no one objected to this regulation,” he continued.


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