Persib Striker Has Not Scored Goals in Liga 1, Coach Names 10 Other Players | 1NEWS

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Persib Bandung has scored three goals in two BRI Liga 1 2021-2022 matches, even so the three goals were not scored by strikers but by midfielders, Marc Klok and Mohammad Rashid.

Marc Klok scored one goal, when Persib beat Barito Putera 1-0, Saturday (04/09/21). Meanwhile, Mohammad Rashid, contributed two goals when the Maung Bandung squad defeated Persita Tangerang 2-1, Saturday (11/09/21).

Persib coach, Robert Rene Alberts, does not mind who scores goals in the match, because football is a team work and everyone has the opportunity to score goals.

For information, in the 2020 season, two foreign strikers contributed the most goals to the Maung Bandung squad. From three games, Wander Luiz scored four goals and Geoffrey Castillion two goals.

“It doesn’t matter that our strikers haven’t scored yet, because that’s normal in football, there are 10 other players who can score goals,” said Robert Alberts, Saturday (11/09/21).

Robert Alberts added, the number of players who can score goals is an advantage for the Maung Bandung squad. Because, it can make it difficult for opponents to anticipate their players.

So, Robert Alberts does not depend on one or two players, because whoever gets the opportunity must try to maximize the opportunity to become a goal.

“If the strategy goes well, anyone can score goals and this will make it difficult for the opponent. Depending on one or two players it will be easy to play against,” said Robert Alberts.

Meanwhile, after playing two matches against Barito Putera and Persita Tangerang, the Maung Bandung squad will face Bali United, Saturday (18/09/21).

In that match, the Maung Bandung squad again targeted victory, so that the positive trend in the 2021-2022 League 1 competition could continue.


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