Pregnant with First Child, Nadine Chandrawinata Cuts Her Hair Short

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1NEWS – Nadine Chandrawinata announced the happy news regarding her household with Dimas Anggara. In the third year of marriage, the 2004 Miss Indonesia finally became pregnant with her first child.

The news was shared by Nadine along with her husband’s birthday celebration, some time ago. In her upload on Instagram, Nadine mentions Dimas as a prospective father.

“Greetings to the future father,” Nadine wrote in her upload on Instagram.

Indeed, in one of the photos celebrating Dimas Anggara’s birthday, Nadine Chandrawinata’s stomach seems to have started to grow. Dimas also looks happy kissing his wife’s stomach which is now containing the fruit of their love.

In addition to her growing belly, Nadine also seems to change her hairstyle. The older sister of Marcell and Mischa Chandrawinata, who is used to long hair, looks fresher with her shoulder-length hairdo.

It is known, she chose to cut her hair for the sake of her first pregnancy. “What’s new is my hair, first cut short for the sake of the baby,” he continued in the caption of the upload.

Neither Nadine nor Dimas gave details about their prospective first child. Regarding the gestational age and gender of the child, the two did not provide further information.

To be sure, Nadine’s pregnancy was enthusiastically welcomed by netizens. Many prayed and congratulated Nadine and Dimas in the comments column, including some of their friends from among the artists. Congratulations Nadine and Dimas.

Writer RIK

Editor Suyanto Soemohardjo


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