Remind the habit of singing can become a culture, Agnez Mo: Fingers can’t be faster than the brain

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Who doesn’t know Agnez Mo, an accomplished singer who has made Indonesia proud abroad. Being a public figure in the entertainment industry since childhood, Agnez has tasted the bitter sweetness of working with millions of views from many people. Not only praise, expressions of envy to condescension to him have been passed.

Recently, the singer who had a duet with Chris Brown expressed his anxiety to see the phenomenon of free people’s opinion, but not accompanied by responsibility. According to Agnez, in this modern era, users should be able to adapt to become wiser people. Instead of commenting on anything without being filtered first. He feels sad, because this often happens to Indonesian netizens.

Remind the dangers of habit sarcastic What often happens, according to Agnez, if left unchecked, it is not impossible to become a deep-rooted culture

Agnez’s life as a public figure did not escape the public spotlight. However, he does not deny that there are a few feelings of envy from others for his achievements. Even Agnez admitted that he had been ridiculed when he was patched as a co-host in red carpet. In fact, he was ridiculed because he was considered unable to prove his existence in the United States music scene.

The hardest while in the process where we still have to being real what we dream, goals we. However, on the one hand, we humans sometimes want to be validated by people. The key is one, focus on the goal, “said Agnez while talking with the Minister of SOEs, Erick Thohir.

Agnez also expressed her views on the habits of Indonesian people who like to utter hatred without confirming the actual facts. In the “Defend the State” event held by the Ministry of Defense, Agnez mentioned the dangers of telling lies that are turned into facts just because the majority say so.

“Don’t have a cynical culture and jealous. In the end it becomes a culture because it is a habit, it is very dangerous. People who end up making one thing a fact just because the majority believe it to be true. Facts and opinions are different, so they are very, very dangerous,” he concluded on the Indonesian Ministry of Defense’s YouTube channel.

He began to realize the attitude of netizens who were sometimes out of control. Even his love relationship once got slanted comments on social media

After deciding to publicize her relationship with Adam Rosyadi, Agnez also received scorn from netizens. Even at that time Adam was accused of changing religion just because he took Agnez to church. In fact, what religion Adam adheres to is also a matter of his privacy and not a must for everyone to know.

At that time Agnez responded, a comment that sounded physically offensive from his girlfriend. He emphasized that if he is happy with himself and claims to be a fan, then he must be able to accept someone who makes Agnez feel happy, not blasphemed. Seeing the phenomenon of Indonesian people who often say something without thinking about it, Agnez also tries to remind him.

“So that person’s finger can’t be faster than the brain. You have to think first, is this really what you want (to be conveyed). Could it be that it just ignited, or could it be that it only saw 15 seconds out of 1 hour? interviews. People (most) in the end don’t think that freedom of expression must be balanced with responsibility,” said Agnez.

At the end of her speech, Agnez expressed her desire to improve reading literacy in Indonesia. According to the 35-year-old woman, by reading someone, it is not easy to be indoctrinated with opinions that have not been proven true. Because scornful comments and blasphemy ultimately represent the behavior of netizens in a nation. If not accompanied by caution, of course this can tarnish the image of the Indonesian people.


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