Return Honor from KPI, Robby Purba Floods Support

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1NEWS – Presenter Robby Purba plans to return the honorarium he had received from the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI). This attitude is the aftermath of the 35-year-old presenter’s disappointment with the answer given by the Head of the Central KPI, Agung Suprio, when responding to netizens who asked about job vacancies.

The plan to return the honorarium from KPI was conveyed by Robby Purba through an upload on his Instagram, Sunday (12/9). On that occasion Robby also uploaded a screenshot of the conversation between the Head of KPI and Netizens.

“Good morning Mr. KPI Chairman. I was thinking, have you ever met him? Then I googled it, oh never – warsa 2018 (I’m not a special performer huh.. hahaha), that’s Seyeeemm.. so beautiful..) Please permission, sir, without reducing my respect for you… on Monday I will check how much FEE I received… I forgot – I’ll just return it to the community,” wrote Robby Purba.

Robby Purba said the money he received from KPI would be better returned or distributed to people who need it more.

“I’d better allocate it for ‘ikoy-ikoyan’, share with those who are still difficult during this pandemic. Friends, watch your IG, brother, FEE from the event, I want to share it,” he continued.

Robby Purba received a lot of support from netizens for his attitude towards KPI.

“BROTHER!!! KERENNN!! respect!!” deaf netizens. “The best, really. Big criticism for the PKI. EH KPI!!!” pesinetron Lutfi Agizal also provides support. “I have so much respect for Abaaaang,” said another netizen.

There are also those who can’t wait to follow the ikoy-ikoyan that will be carried out by Robby Purba while expressing the difficulties of his life.

“Want to join too, ikoy2n, if you win, you want to buy a cheap mattress, it’s okay, bro. The problem is that the mattress at home is too thin, if the LG rains cold to the bones,” he vented.

Writer Ari Kurniawan

Editor Suyanto Soemohardjo


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