Sadly, this baby dies of being bitten by a rat due to his mother’s negligence

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Mothers should always take care and pay attention to their children, especially if the baby is still very small and needs the attention of a mother. What will happen if a mother does not pay attention and take care of her baby. The most terrible thing or the worst thing may happen suddenly.

This incident was very tragic indeed, where a very small baby aged 4 months was left at home alone without his mother’s attention and the mice gnawed the baby to death. When the incident happened when his mother was not at home, he decided to travel with his friends to have a bachelor party.
Upon returning from the fast-paced area, an 18-year-old young mother whose name was Lizbeth Jeronima Fuentes Munguia was so shocked to see the condition of her baby lying and lifeless in her bed by finding several bite wounds.
Some time later the mother contacted the medical. Even though the medical team rushed to the mother’s house, the little 4-month-old baby couldn’t be helped anymore. And the medics said the baby died some time ago.
It’s a shame that the mother herself did not take care of her child.

According to news reports, the baby’s face was bitten by a rat in his residence, in Acolam, near Mexico City, while the mother has now been detained by police for questioning.


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