Still Continuing, Nikita Mirzani Accused of Hitting Dewi Perssik Again, Now Dare To Challenge!

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Still Continuing, Nikita Mirzani Accused of Hitting Dewi Perssik Again, Now Dare To Challenge!

Nikita Mirzani, Dewi Persik (Instagram/Edited by 1NEWS)

Nikita Mirzani again threw all-out satire. The satire he made while doing a live broadcast on Instagram recently. However, it is not known for sure who is the figure that Nikita Mirzani is being quipped about.

However, in his satire, Nikita mentions the word dotted which is suspected to be Dewi Perssik’s swordsman. As previously known, Nikita is widely suspected of insinuating Dewi Perssik when she mentions the word dotted.

I said if you just want to brush me, just brush. But when I talk about children, I’m not going to let go of it‘ said Nikita.

So the dotted man is a shaman around the area, I’m sorry, Jogja, Jember. I’m calm if DP is supported, it will be the same as him. Please tell me to come to my house,” he continued.

Hearing Nikita’s words, netizens who watched the live broadcast were immediately bustling with the initials DP, which is identical to Dewi Perssik. However, Nikita is reluctant to divulge the real figure that he is being insinuated about.

DP, DP car, DP house. DP can also go to a shaman. So there are many DP, which DP. Unless the name is mentioned. So if you want to make assumptions, go ahead“, said Nikita.

But furthermore, Nikita seemed to hint that the dotted thing he meant was Dewi Perssik. The reason is that he challenged the so-called dotted figure to come to his house like when he approached Denise Chariesta’s residence.

Tell the dotted man to come to my house, like the dotted to the cadet’s housel,” said Nikita.

So if you are smart netizens, try to sort them out. I never bumped into him because I knew he was bipolar” he said.

If at the location he often calls himself, it turns out that he pretends to call. Talking to the genie, I think. All PH films, soap operas, everyone already knows“, continued Nikita.

In addition, Nikita revealed the reason why he called Dewi Persik as dotted. Apparently this is because Dewi Perssik was once said to have dark skin.

Why is it called ugly? So he aspired to have good skin, right, he was from the village, his skin was dotted at that time, how about dark black. Now, he peels the body to make skin lumps, so he’s peeled it many times but his body is dotted,” said Nikita.

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But many netizens are actually busy flicking back Nikita. Apparently, netizens think that Nikita has gone too far. The reason is that he is considered to have vilified Dewi Perssik’s physique.


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